Best Backyard Swimming Pools 2011

The best backyard swimming pools 2011 are some good choices whether someone is searching for a more durable and long-lasting swimming pool or a high quality pool to sit in with the kids.

For this year, here are the 5 top swimming pools for the backyard, based on consumer popularity and above average rankings:

Intex Recreation Swim Center Pools: These are inflatable family swimming pools that are recommended by the manufacturer for kids age 6 to adults. There are different shapes including rectangular and circular, as well as an odd shaped square with rounded corners. This pool is also among the hottest selling for children to play in. Retail price for these swimming pools ranges depending on the pool purchased but all the ones I found cost less than $100.

Summer Escapes Framed Backyard Swimming Pools: For backyard above ground pools these are some of the most budget-friendly pools around. They are available in a round shape, with a metal frame and also come with a side ladder. Retail price for these pools ranges from $300 to $450 depending on the dimensions.

Easy Set Pools from Intex: As one may guess from the name, these pools are easy and fast to get set up. They also are quite affordable compared to some other versions of above ground pools, and per product information it is just as durable as metal framed pools. It can be found in different sizes including 8′, 10′ and 18′ versions and as one might expect they get pricier for larger sizes.

Swim Center Paradise Lagoon Pool: This is one of the inflatable Swim Center pools from Intex and is a good choice for families who have little ones as young as 3 years of age. It features a cute lagoon design on the exterior. Of all the pools on the list of the top 10 backyard swimming pools this one has the lowest retail price of around $25 or less.

Intex Ultra Frame Backyard Swimming Pools: While these pools have the highest price tag of the rest above on the list, the quality is really there with these. If a family is looking for a high quality above ground pool, one of these is worth taking a look at. They come in different shapes ‘” the most popular I the circular, but there is a rectangular version that measures 32’ long. Retail price on these pools runs anywhere from $700 to about $2700 depending on the size.

When shopping for any of the best backyard swimming pools 2011 it is truly a better idea to shop online. Based on what I found for the pricing is that some of them can be purchased from up to hundreds of dollars less than list price in a store.

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