Best Backyard Playgrounds 2011

Over the past decade or so, what would be considered the “best backyard playgrounds” has changed somewhat. While years back outdoor play sets for kids were popular, they were less evolved compared to what is available as of spring 2011.

It appears that the most popular of the top 10 backyard playgrounds are actually oriented toward toddler ages to young children, although there are other choices to be had on this list that are geared toward kids of an older age.

From that list, here are the top 5 best selling playgrounds for the back yard:

Step2 Sports Climber Play Set – While being quite small and geared to the toddler to small children age group, this is a great pick. It has steps, a slide, an easy to handle climbing wall and even a basketball hoop. If there is a very young man who could be an aspiring “sportster” this would be an excellent choice. The retail cost for this climber/play set is around $100.00.

Step2 Lookout Treehouse – Here is another choice that is designed for toddlers to young children. While it has a slide, stairs and a landing, it also has something special that kids get a real kick out of – a periscope that allows kids to get a unique look at who might be coming up – probably to play or to let them know it is time for dinner. As a note, while this is called a “treehouse” it is not built to be placed up in a tree (which is probably a relief for parents, especially considering the age group it is designed for). Retail price for the Lookout Treehouse from Step2 is around $160.00.

Step2 Clubhouse Climber Play Set – This is the most elaborate so far of the best selling backyard playgrounds for kids, and it is designed again for toddlers to young children (about 2 to 6 years old). While this play set has the “basics” such as a slide, stairs and a landing, it also features a bridge, an extra slide, a crawl through tunnel and hiding area. Providing someone could afford this one, this is my own personal recommendation for younger kids. Retail price for the Clubhouse Climber from Step2 is around $600.00.

Swing N Glide III – Here is the first choice from the top backyard playgrounds that is made for kids a bit of an older age. While the choices above are constructed from durable plastic, this one is made from metal piping and materials. It has two swings, a slide and a double swing (seating two children). All in all, 5 children can play on this at the same time, and is an affordable choice for what comes with it. Retail price for this backyard playground set is around $130.00.

Little Tikes Fold Away Climber – This is a good choice in backyard “mini” playgrounds for very little ones, complete with specific features that young sports lovers would enjoy. This play set can be used outdoors for warmer months and dry days as well as taken indoors for the colder months of the year. The retail cost for this play set is around $125.00.

A majority of the remainder of the best backyard playgrounds 2011 include more elaborate sets, complete with swing sets and slides and other features that would make any backyard a full-fledged play area for kids.

Resource: Top 10 Outdoor Playgrounds