Best Author Has to Be One of Those that Wrote Books that Became a Movie Right? Orson Scott Card Continues Making Memorable Books, Not Movies

We don’t see a lot of Moby Dicks, or Great Gatsbys today when we go out to the book store. Heck the way things are going right now, less and less people are even going to the book store to get books. With the likes of Nooks, and Kindles, and the various other types of E-readers that are out there, the physical book is becoming less and less likely. No we never got the extremes of Farenheit 151 in which we had to burn any and all books. In this writers opinion it was even worse, because, no one really wants to read.

In an age in which less and less people want to read, which in turn makes writing novels less appealing to many young (and old) writers, it is hard to say who my favorite, or the “best” author out there is.

It’s also hard to look past all the Twilight and the Harry Potter phenomenon, because they have both become very mainstream, and it is very hard to go to the store or even drive down the block without seeing some form of Harry Potter or Twilight advertisements or publicity. It’s easy to watch all of these movies based on books that seem to be popping out every month and maybe think that the people that wrote those books HAVE to be the best because they made movies out of them right?

Before this gets too long and you decide it is not worth the 5 minutes it takes to read this, because I have not even mentioned who I think the best author is, let me say right now who I believe the best author out there right now is.

Orson Scott Card

A few years ago, I read a book called “Enders Game” on a whim. My brother said I might like it. Now I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover but this cover was boring. Simply looked like a spaceship in space. Rather boring I thought. I started to read the book and I absolutely loved it. Soon after I was discussing books with a guy I was working with at the time, and I remember explaining to him my favorite book was, “One he has never heard of probably.” Much to my surprise, he not only read Enders Game, but it was his all-time favorite book, as well as all the books in the Ender-verse.

Soon after I read all of the books I could possibly find in the Ender Universe. Enders saga, as well as the “spin off” that followed Bean around and told of his adventures. Both the stories about Bean as well as those about Ender are very well worth the read, even to those that are not completely into science fiction.

Googling Orson Scott, came up with 3,680,000 results. Surprised you have never heard of him when you see a stat like that aren’t you? To be fair, with a giant search engine such as google, that number is rather low. To compare, J.K. Rowling, the writer of all of the Harry Potter books, returned with 30,200,000 results.

I wanted to do a little research of course when I was writing about Orson Scott Card, so I followed a couple of the results that popped up when I searched for Orson Scott Card. With mild looking around on the internet, I was able to find that there have been games spawned because of his Ender books, fan fiction, fan art, thousands of discussion boards, talk of movies, and Marvel is currently working on a comic book series taking place before the first Ender book.

His official website can be found here. On wiki you can learn the multiple awards that he has won throughout his lifetime, many of course he has won because of his many books in the Enderverse. He has written and published well over 50 books, and even though he suffered a mild stroke earlier this year, I think we can all look forward to many more books of his in the coming years. I highly recommend to those that are looking for a new author to pick up “Enders Game” as a starting point, and soon you will find yourself open to the many books by my favorite author, Orson Scott Card.

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