Best Apps Released in June

In June, 21,919 new iPhone and iPad apps (including Universal) were introduced in the U.S. App Store. scoured these apps and identified the best ones you should think about getting. Of the 21,919 apps released last month, 41 (0.18% of the total) are being recommended by The complete list is below. is a leading provider of ratings, rankings and reviews of iOS and Mac apps. Visit their website at

Best Apps Released in June 2011

1-bit Ninja (Games, iPhone): Stylized 1-bit run and jump game complimented by surprisingly good 3D visuals.

Al Yankovic: When I Grow Up (Books Universal): Play interactive games and even have Weird Al read the book to you.

Backstab (Games, Universal): A swashbuckling game a la Assassins’ Creed that is packed with action.

Bamboo Paper: -Wacom notes for stylus (Productivity, iPad): An easy to use handwriting and sketching app with impressive results. (Social Networking, iPhone): Tap into the collective wisdom of people around you to find out what is happening around you.

Battleship for iPad (Games, iPad): The classic head-to-head guessing game.

British Library 19th Century Collection (Books, iPad): If you can’t make it to England, this app grants you access to the British Library’s 19th century book collection.

Call of Mini: Zombies (Games, Universal): A small town is running rampant with zombies and its your job to stop them.

Calorie Counter: diets & activities (Healthcare & Fitness, Universal): Meet your daily calorie intake goals with the help of this app’s 750,000+ food database.

Cars 2 (Games, iPhone): Based on Disney’s Pixar smash hit film, hop in a car in this exciting platform game.

Continuity 2: The Continuation (Games, Universal): Rearrange levels to get your character to the exit in this challenging puzzle game.

Dermander (Photography, iPhone): Capture and share full 360 panorama images with this easy-to-use app.

Dragon’s Lair 2: Time Warp (Games, iPhone): The sequel to the arcade classic featuring Dirk the Daring.

Evernote Peek (Education, iPad 2): Requires an iPad 2 with Smart Cover to help students prepare for school tests.

Falling Stars by Trident Vitality Gum (Entertainment, Universal): Create a world of music with this app from Kraft Foods.

Feed Me Oil (Games, iPhone): One of the best puzzle games of 2011 challenges you to get streams of oil to hungry mouths.

Flick Golf Extreme! (Games, iPhone): Based on one of the best flick golf apps in the market but…wait for it…extreme!

Food Network Magazine Summer 2011 (Lifestyle, iPad): Grill to perfection with interactive recipes and how-to videos.

FOX News for iPad (News, iPad) : A well organized app from FOX News, the news network some people love to hate.

Gravitarium 2 (Entertainment, iPad): Create and arrange animated particles and pair the results with music for a psychedelic experience.

Hanging With Friends (Games, iPhone): One of the best games of 2011 combines two classic games: hangman and scrabble.

Icebreaker Hockey (Games, iPhone): Skate your way around and through the defense to score goals in this high scoring hockey based game.

iMuscle – iPhone edition (Healthcare & Fitness, iPhone): Over 450 3D images are used to demonstrate exercises and their effects on the human body.

iTunes Festival London 2011 (Music, Universal): 62 artists, 31 nights. Live. Linkin Park, Paul Simon, Adele, Coldplay. Enough said.

Katy Perry Mobile App (Music, iPhone): Stay in touch with one of today’s most popular singers with this app.

Photogram (Photography, iPhone): Choose multiple photos, encapsulate them in one of dozens of theme choices and share with family and friends.

PhotoToaster (Photography, Universal): A photo editing app that will toast your pictures just right.

Pocket Academy (Games, iPhone): The latest smash hit simulation game puts you in control of your very own school.

Project Achiever (Productivity, iPhone): Keep track of projects with this handy dandy app.

Rip Off (Games, iPhone): A brilliantly illustrated game where players slash enemies to keep their eggs safe.

Science360 for iPad (Education, iPad): From the National Science Foundation comes this app with fascinating science and engineering videos.

Shape Shift (Games, iPhone): This month’s best match three game.

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard (Education, iPad): Draw anything on a whiteboard and share the video with friends, family or colleagues.

Snapseed for iPad (Photography, iPad): Edit photos on your iPad with this powerful app.

Songkick Concerts (Music, iPhone): Track your favorite musical bands’ and artists’ concerts with this nifty app.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (Games, Universal): The best app by SEGA has you competing in races with Sonic and other SEGA characters.

Street Fighter IV Volt (Games, iPhone): Local and online multiplayer combat finally comes to the Street Fighter app franchise.

The Waste Land (Books, iPad): An in-depth look at T.S. Eliot’s poem featuring 35 expert video perspectives, a specially filmed performance and much more.

Tiny Tower (Games, Universal): Build and manage your own towers in this runaway hit simulation game.

Velocispider (Games, iPhone): What happens when you mix a Velociraptor and Spider? A retro shoot-em-up game that is a lot of fun.

Wikibot — A Wikipedia Articles Reader (Reference, Universal): A customizable Wikipedia reader chockfull of options.