Best Albums of 2010

As 2010 came and went, the music for 2010 seemed pretty good for the most part. For those that read the list and wonder where the rap music is at. There is none on this list. As we all know, music is a very subjective thing and I don’t like rap, and there for no rap will be on this list. So, as I listened to as many albums as I could these were some of the best albums, in my opinion. Starting off with number 10:

10. The Scorpions- Sting in the Tail: You may’be surprised at this, but this is a great album and it was and is very very underrated. Terrific album, 10 may’be a bit too high, but I believe it is definitely a top 20 album. This is a great album that should be reconized as such. Key tracks: “Raised on Rock”Sting in The Tail” “Rock Zone”

9. Stone Sour- Audio Secrecy: Lead singer Corey Taylor lays it all out there in his lyrics and you can definitely feel the emotions he has gone through in his personal life. Getting divorced, and remarried and such. The lyrics are very emotional and the music is great. A nice balance of hard rock, and ballads in this album. Key Tracks: “Say You’ll Haunt Me” “Digital (Did You Tell) “Hesitate”

8. Alter Bridge- ABIII: The Creed band minus Scott Stapp is back and with another kick ass rock record. Lotta great songs on this great record, but the song ‘Isolation” definitely kicked off the record and really gave this album legs. Key Tracks: “Isolation” “Ghost of Days Gone By” “Wonderful Life”

7. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals: Grace Potter & The Nocturnials: Another great, underrated album. Grace Potter is the frontman…erm, frontwomen I mean and one of the best female rock voices rock has seen in years, many years. She writes great songs and rocks them out with her Janis Joplin type voice. Very underrated album, an album that deserves much praise, but didn’t get any. Key tracks: “Tiny Light” , “Good Bye Kiss” , “Paris (Ohh La La)

6. Black Country Communion- Black Country: This amazing group of musicians of Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, Joe Bonamassa, and Derek Sherinian put together a great album. Again, to stick with the theme, this album didn’t get the praise it should have. Heavy rock music played. The one downside is that it is a bit long in the tooth, it does run over an hour, but still this is an amazing album that really should be in anybody’s “best 2010 rock albums.” Key tracks: “Black Country”, “Song of Yesterday“, “One Last Soul

5. Arcade Fire- The Suburbs: I think most people know about this album, as they should. It’s a great album that has gotten the praise it deserves. Key tracks: Ready To Start“, “Month of May“, “We Used to Wait

4. Mumford & Sons-Sigh No More: This would also be considered the breakout group of the year. Mumford and Sons’ debut album is fantasic and breathes a breath of fresh air into the world of music. A rock-folk group that has a nice dynamic in soft and loud, and quiet, and slow. Nothing to dislike about this album. Mumford and Sons made their name with this album, now we shall see about their sophomore album when it comes out and see if it can buile upon the succes of Sigh No More. Key Tracks: “The Cave” “Winter Winds” “Roll Away Your Stone” “Little Lion Man

3. Stone Temple Pilots- Stone Temple Pilots: Terrific comeback album from the early 90’s group. An album STP fans have been wanting. No fillers here, just a good fashioned rock n roll album. STP’s Scott Weiland sounds great, and healthy, and the band is very sharp. Terrific album, that is not just a nostalgic album. Key Tracks: “Between The Lines” “Cinnamon” “Huckleberry Crumble” “Hickory Dichotomy”

2. Godsmack- The Oracle: Godsmack comes out with may’be their best album to date. The Boston band put out IV in 2006, in my opinion, their worse album they have put out to date. (not saying it was a bad album, it was good, but just not better then their previous three albums) Anyway, back to The Oracle it kicks off with Cryin’ Like A Bitch, and takes twists and turns of heavy rock, to slower more darker rock on What If and Love-Hate-Sex-Pain. The song/album titled, The Oracle is an instrumental that is one of the best songs of the year. That slows, and then riffs away Metallica-esque type song. Great way to end an album. Key Tracks: “The Oracle” “Good Day To Die” “War and Peace“Shadow of a Soul

1. Sully Erna-Avalon: Not that Intentionally did this, it just happened to be that in my opinion the lead singer of Godsmack put out two terrific albums and his solo album “Avalon” is a classic. A real masterpiece. Unfortunately, not too many people have heard of the album, or have even heard of it. Besides that, that’s not important, what is important is the music and this album is mindblowing. Not one bad thing can be said about this album. From the moment you play this record it takes you on a nice journey from start to finish. This is an album that when you put it on, kick back on your couch, dim the lights, grab a beer and just let the music take you on a journey. Key Tracks: The Whole Album

So, there is my list of the top albums of 2010. I know a lot will disagree, because somebody didn’t make the list, or somebody is too high or too low, but that’s the beauty of music. It’s all subjective and we all have our own opinions. Nobody is right, and nobody is wrong.