Best 5 Plants for Your Garden

Whether color, scent or maintenance are your deciding factors when selecting foliage for your garden, these top 5 plants are sure to please.


Mint plants can serve multiple functions in your yard. Mint naturally repels mice, ants and rats, creating a first line of defense to your home. It also makes an excellent addition to your recipes. Fresh mint is great for making tea and as a flavorful way to season meat or peas.

Mint plants are considered invasive, so be mindful about where you plant them. They are extremely robust and easy to grow plants, so they can take over more delicate plants.


Marigolds have a strong odor that repels a variety of insects and rabbits. It is a perfect addition to your vegetable garden if you tend to be bothered by hungry rabbits and a perfect addition to your window box as it repels pesky insects.

Marigolds grow from seed very easily and maintain their health quite readily. They are excellent for adding color to your garden without a lot of maintenance.


Lavender is likely the best plant to have in your garden. Use lavender as a spice in your cooking and benefit from the many health claims associated with this plant. It is fantastic for aromatherapy, so you can add it to your bath or use it as potpourri. Lavender also repels fleas and moths.


Garlic is amazingly easy to grow and perhaps the least inexpensive plant you can have in your garden. You can grow your garlic from individual garlic cloves and each of these cloves will produce numerous cloves. It is very simple to grow garlic and harvest it for culinary use in your kitchen.

Garlic plants repel snails and slugs along with many other pests and insects. It grows well, but it is not invasive. Whether you plant garlic for the purpose of eating it or simply enjoying how it benefits your other plants, it is an excellent addition to your garden.


Although tansy is not as well-known as many other plants, it provides many services for the rest of your garden. Tansy is extremely effective at repelling ants, flies and mice from your garden. It can act as a barrier for your home when planted along your foundation.

Tansy is easy to grow and is agreeable with other plants in your garden. It adds both height and color to your yard.

These 5 plants are ideal for adding to your garden. Each serves multiple purposes that are sure to benefit you.

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