Best 5 Brands of Ear Buds for Skateboarders: A Fan’s Perspective

Skateboarding with your iPod or other portable music device is an enjoyable activity just so long as your head phones or ear buds don’t keep slipping out. After all, there is nothing more annoying than paying top dollar for a pair of ear buds only to have them fall out and accidentally running them over. Thankfully there are some brands that are priced reasonably, perform well, are comfortable to wear and look good. Here are my picks for the best five:

Skull Candy

Ear buds by Skull Candy are reasonably priced, starting off at $20 a pair. They also come in a wide array of colors and designs. The ear buds tend to remain in your ear well even while you are shredding up the concrete. The cords tend to be durable and the sound quality is sufficient.


Ear buds and sports headphones by Sennheiser come in a variety of designs including those that partially encircle the ear and circle the back of the head. Prices start at $20 a pair and can get quite pricey for the fancier styles. The cords are made from a Kevlar material that makes them stand up to punishment. They are also water and sweat resistance.

H20 Audio Flex

Even though there are not many colors and designs to choose from with this brand, the price is right ($27) and so is the durability and sound quality. They are also waterproof and come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.


This brand of ear buds has a unique sports line that features clip on, detachable ear loops and a durable cord. The ear buds are made of wood and silicone, which seem to enhance sound quality better than the classic plastic and metal varieties of ear buds. Prices start at $30 depending on the retailer.


Sony carries a wide variety of ear buds and sports head phones that range in price from $10 for a clip style pair up to $50 for a pair of neck band style head phones. One of the more interesting designs from a skateboarding stand point is a $30 pair of clip on ear buds with a retractable cord.

My children are skateboarders and I have a history of following the sport.

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