Bessie the Cow Causes Havoc in the Barnyard

The day started bright and early. In farmland everybody was up by 5 a.m. Farmer Ray was out doing his chores. It was going to be a warm and sunny day. The fields were still too wet from all the rain. There was still plenty to do around the yard. His cow Bessie had been giving him such a hard time. If there was one thing Bessie hated it was being told what she couldn’t do.

The fields were just too wet to allow the cows to go into them. Farmer Ray didn’t want them to get hurt. For some reason Bessie just couldn’t figure this out.

Bessie had escaped out the barn door everyday this week. She was a smart girl so she never went too far away. Bessie loved to wander around the fields. She would explore for hours. Bessie was causing everyone grief. She complained from morning till night. She disliked Roberto immensely. Farmer Ray had to keep them separated. Last week one day he caught Bessie trying to kick Roberto. Luckily he had arrived just in time and separated the two of them. Roberto could get on anyone’s nerves with his french accent and wandering ways. He liked the ladies that was for sure.

Farmer Ray made an announcement to everyone in the barn. Today would be an outside day. Bessie was jumping up and down as happy as could be. Roberto on the other hand was a little miffed. He wasn’t ready to forgive Bessie yet for trying to kick him. She was down right mean. That girl needed to take a ride to Timbucktu. Preferably on a fast bus out of town.

When the barn door opened Bessie was the first one out. She looked as proud as a peacock to be back outside. The sun was shining. “Ah yes! Life was good”. Bessie spotted her owl friend. Isaac had been her friend for a long time. She walked over and said “hi” and he said “hi” back. Isaac said “I haven’t seen you in a long time” and Bessie said “I know” “The weather has been terrible”. Isaac said “Bessie, I heard you’ve been getting into trouble again” Bessie said “it’s because of that Roberto” and then looked Isaac right in the eye and said “You know I don’t like him” Isaac smiled and said “Bessie, we all know that”.

The barnyard was big enough for everyone so Farmer Ray let everyone come outside. The cows, goats, cats, horses and the chickens. Everyone for the most part was easy going. That is except for Bessie. Everyone tried to stay on the good side of her. Roberto didn’t try though because they were enemies from the get-go.

Bessie walked around the yard saying hi to all her friends. She stopped by to greet Maddie the wolf spider. Maddie was one of Bessie’s best friends. Sometimes Maddie would spend the day with her. She’d hop on her back and they would go exploring together. Maddie didn’t like Roberto either. One day Roberto had tried to step on Maddie. That was it for Maddie. She wouldn’t give him the time of day. Maddie knew everyone had to stay in the barnyard today. Bessie told Maddie to hop on her back and they’d wander around together for awhile. Maddie was more than happy to spend time with Bessie. The rain had really got her down. She needed some time in the sunshine. Spending the day with her friend was just what she needed.

Bessie and Maddie walked around for awhile and came across Maddie’s friend. Jose was the only cat in the barnyard that Maddie liked. Jose asked if he could hitch a ride over to the corral. He wanted to see what was going on over there. Bessie said sure and Jose jumped up on her back. Bessie, Maddie and Jose cruised the barnyard on the way to the corral. It was turning into a really nice day. The sun was definitely perking everybody up. Maddie and Jose had missed Bessie during the rainy season. This was nice. They were back together again.

As they got nearer to the corral Bessie saw her friend Saddie. Saddie and Bessie went way back together. They were born in the same week. Saddie was a beautiful black horse. She had the shinest coat of black hair. The only other marking on her was a little white diamond on top of her head. Saddie was beautiful as horses go but more important she was Bessie’s best friend ever! Bessie took off at record speed to reach the corral as fast as she could. Maddie slid sideways and was holding on for dear life. Jose tried to hold on but when they hit a bump in the road he went flying. Luckily for Jose he was a cat and had at least 9 lives. Jose thought he’d just used one up. Jose yelled “wait up” but Bessie didn’t hear him and she just kept running. She misjudged her final stopping point and ran smack dab into the fence. Maddie lost her grip and landed on the ground. Maddie yelled at Bessie and said “I want a seat belt if you are going to keep this up” Bessie didn’t hear her because she was trying to dislodge herself from the fence. Jose finally caught up to them. He looked a little disheveled. His collar somehow got turned around sideways and his one ear was sticking up in the air. He was trying to remind himself of why exactly he came along on this little jaunt.

Once everyone was situated they had a nice visit with Saddie. The corral was dry so they all went inside and stood around talking for awhile. Saddie said it had been the longest spring ever with all the rain. Bessie spent at least 15 minutes complaining about the rain and being cooped up for so long. Jose and Maddie just stood and listened. Maddie wondered if she should just walk back to the barnyard after nearly being killed by Bessie. Jose was thinking the same thing. They were probably safer on their own.

It was nearing lunch time and everyone was hungry. They all said their goodbyes to Saddie and started back to the barn. Bessie promised to go nice and easy so that nobody would get hurt. Thank goodness Bessie did what she said she was going to do. They just walked home at a nice enjoyable pace. The sun was getting hot. Maddie was tired and needed her daily nap. Jose wanted to take a nice nap on the front porch. There was an old rocking chair that he loved to curl up in and go to sleep.

When they got back to the barnyard everyone was in the barn eating. Bessie said goodbye to her friends and went in the barn. Roberto was eating. He turned around and said “where have you been” Bessie didn’t like the way he said it and started to go up to him and give him a good kick in the leg. Just then Farmer Ray walked in and Bessie went in the other direction. After she ate lunch she was tired. It had been a busy morning. She was going to take a nap. After her nap she would go back out in the barnyard. She had to catch up with all her old friends.

Maybe in a couple days the field would be dry and she could go back to exploring. She made a mental note to tell Jose and Maddie that she was sorry for going so fast. Next time she would slow down.