Bessie the Barnyard Cow

Bessie was known for her bad attitude. Some days were worse than others. Today was not a good day. Farmer Ray had come in the barn early this morning and announced that everyone had to stay in the barn today. It had been raining for days and the field was flooded. He felt it was best for everyone to remain in the barn. The barn was dry and warm.

This did not sit well with Bessie. She loved to go out into the field and wander around all day long. Now she was stuck in the barn with everybody. There were a few cows that were her friends but not Roberto. For some reason Roberto thought of himself as french. Bessie had seen a lot in her life and the one thing she knew was that Roberto was not french. He was as American as the rest of them. He talked with a french accent. Bessie thought he did it just to aggravate her. If he parlez vous’d her one more time there was going to be trouble.

Roberto had been putting the moves on her friend Annie. He was always walking up and down in front of Annie’s stall giving her the eye. Bessie had yelled at Roberto and told him to give it a rest. He just ignored her. She knew he was nothing but a hooligan. As far as she was concerned he wasn’t very good looking either. To top it off Annie was starting to fall for him.

If there was one thing that Bessie knew it was that she would put a screeching halt to any nonsense. Annie was very quiet and shy and Bessie really felt that she needed to look out for her. She had one question in her mind. Why couldn’t Roberto act normal like any other cow? No! He had to act like Casanova!

It was continuously raining. They had rain during the day. They had rain all night long. What was going on anyway! It would be so nice if they could just venture outside in the barnyard. Bessie needed her space. She was so tired of looking at Roberto. He was so smug. Always sauntering around like he was in charge or something. That would be the day she ever listened to anything that came out of his mouth.

Roberto didn’t like Bessie anymore than she liked him. She was too bossy for him. Always telling everyone what to do and when to do it. She was pretty enough that was for sure but where did she get that mouth! Everyone in the barn knew that if they made Bessie mad she would make them very unhappy. She would devote every minute of every day causing them trouble. That was just how she was.

Roberto wondered why she wouldn’t except the fact that he was french. He knew he was french. He sounded french and he acted french. That meant he was french. What did Bessie want anyway? For him to show her papers or what? That girl needed to chill out! Now Annie was a different story. She was quiet and beautiful. Annie never gave anybody any trouble. She went out of her way to help and had such a pleasant personality.

By afternoon Bessie was more than fed up. She had to find a way to get outside. It didn’t even matter if it was raining. She needed to clear her head. She waited for Farmer Ray to come back in to feed everybody. It took him a long time. There were lots of animals in the barn. Goats, sheep, cows and even a duck. As soon as he finished his chores Bessie watched him leave. Just as she’d suspected he didn’t latch the Barn door. She kicked her stall door open and ran for the door. Before Roberto could say a word she was outside. Annie watched from her stall. Everybody was going to be in trouble by the time Bessie got done. The barn door banged shut.

Of course it was still raining. It was nice though because at last Bessie could breath. Her head was getting a little wet. Actually the rain was coming down pretty hard. Bessie walked over and looked around the corner of the barn. She could not believe what she was seeing. The field was just about totally under water. Her beloved field that she loved to run and play in. This was so unfair. In all her years she’d never seen anything like this. Maybe Farmer Ray was right and they were better off in the barn. Bessie turned around and started back to the barn door. Just as she reached the entry she saw Farmer Ray headed in her direction.

She ran through the door and back to her stall. She tried to look like she’d been there all the time but the farmer knew she’d been outside. She was wet as could be for one thing and her stall wasn’t closed all the way. Farmer Ray came right up to her and put his hands on his hips and just stared at her for a few minutes. Bessie was his problem cow. She was always getting herself into some kind of mess. He latched her stall and stood there for a little while. He knew she was cold from being out in the rain. He walked over to the heater and turned it on. The barn wasn’t cold but with Bessie being wet he thought he better warm it up a little so she would dry off.

Bessie dried off quickly. The heater made the barn warm and cozy. She was very happy about that. As dusk approached the lights in the barn came on. She could see Roberto from where she stood. Bessie had a good mind to go over there and give him what for! On second thought she’d just missed getting in a lot of trouble today so maybe she should just cool it. There was always tomorrow to deal with that scoundrel.

Bessie was actually very thankful to be warm and dry in her own comfy stall. When the rain finally stopped and all the water went away they could go out in the field just like they always did. Bessie fell asleep dreaming of the warm sun on a summer day.