Bernard Hopkins Wins Title at Age 46; Where’s The Attention?

On Saturday night, Bernard Hopkins, at age 46, became the oldest man to win a world championship in boxing. Heck, in any sport that’s a record, but where is all the attention? On Saturday night after enjoying a thrilling, intense fight between the then Light Heavyweight champion, Jean Pascal, and now the oldest champion ever, Bernard Hopkins. I went to ESPN and they weren’t talking about the great fight. Instead, it was just baseball highlights, and some basketball playoffs or something. Towards the end of the show, they showed highlights of Lacrosse…Lacrosse! Some game that had a team named Johns Hopkins. Finally, ESPN ended up showing about 15 seconds worth of highlights of the Bernard Hopkins-Jean Pascal rematch. They showed more highlights from some team named Johns Hopkins, then they did the legendary fighter Bernard Hopkins. This really did bum me out. When you have a great sport like boxing, a great fight, and a fight that potentially had a 46 year old man become world champion. You just don’t see that everyday.

This is the problem I have with ESPN and other mainstream media outlets. They aren’t doing their job by showing boxing and all of its great fights. 2011 has been a terrific year in boxing. From a war between Victor Ortiz-Andre Berto, to a KO of the year canidate between Nonito Donaire-Fernando Montiel and probably most people that may’be reading this not knowing what I’m talking about because mainstream outlets are not doing their jobs. Instead, of ESPN blabbing about the NFL and it’s lockout, where millionaire prima donnas and greedy billion dollar owners are whining over how to split 9 BILLION DOLLARS! Anyway, back to my point, instead of ESPN and 50 talking heads…or erm, excuse me, “experts” talking the NFL lockout. Why don’t they do their job and talk about sports going on, like boxing. There is no other sport like boxing. Two honest men just trying to make ends meet. You see Friday Night Fights on ESPN, those fighters aren’t making millions and billions of dollars. All they are doing is just getting enough money to make ends meet. Some will end up making a great deal of money, but most won’t ever see a million dollars in their bank account, much less 9 billion.

Am I a hardcore boxing fan? Yes I am, and I like other sports as well, but when I see these players from the NBA flopping, MLB players like Albert Pujols saying 30 million isn’t enough, and the NFL can’t come to an agreement over how to split 9 billion. Then I look over at two obscure fighters, fighting on Telefutura, or Fox Sports giving it their all, making about 500 bucks, shaking hands; showing good sportsmanship….yet they don’t get the attention, it just makes me sick. Now, I know boxing isn’t perfect, far from it, but not every sport is perfect. People say boxing is the most corrupt, it is just as corrupt as all these sports leagues that ESPN show. Boxing is no better and no worse.

Bernard Hopkins, and every other boxer in the world, you guys deserve much more attention for what you do, but this article is about B-Hop, congratulations Hopkins. I know this isn’t the most mainstream article in the world, but this is a start. Congratulations, Bernard Hopkins, on becoming the oldest man to win a world title at the age of 46. Cheers.