Benefits of the Canine Cancer and Osteosarcoma Diet

Canine Osteosarcoma is the most common type of cancer found in dogs. This type of cancer starts on the surface of the bone and progresses into the center. Treatment depends on its severity, age and diet, which all come into play in helping your dog through healing with the canine osteosarcoma diet.

Depending on your dogs particular needs and the degree of osteosarcoma, there are numerous therapies available. A specialized diet should be one important factor with all dog cancers. The body is regulated and controlled by what your dog eats. You want the best outcome for your dog and must give him the proper nutrition to use in fighting this disease, and avoid the things which will cause further harm. Diet is vital for a dog with osteosarcoma.

Osteosarcoma cancer cells rely on carbohydrates for energy and rob your dog’s body of amino acids. On the other hand, cancer cells cannot make use of fats for energy while the rest of your dog’s body can. Because of this fact, diets with increased fat content and adequate protein may slow the growth of cancer cells, allowing your dog’s system in the fight against osteosarcoma with diet. Without the proper protein and fat in the diet, muscle will be wasted as well as cause complications with the functions of your dog’s kidneys and liver, leading to kidney and liver failure. These secondary liver and kidney complications can be avoided with the canine osteosarcoma diet.

The number one rule of thumb on the diet is to keep your dog away from grains. Dogs do not produce the enzymes necessary in order to digest grains. The first ingredient on any commercial dog food should be any type of meat. Also avoid any simple sugars as they feed on cancer cells. For your canine cancer “patient”, it is suggested to supplement any commercial food with additional animal protein sources, such as sardines, cottage cheese, eggs, hamburger or ground turkey. A supplement of fish oil such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 are important in fighting cancer. A natural holistic approach is recommended which basically includes protein, bones, eggs, greens, root vegetables, millet and linseed, garlic, wheat germ, cod liver oil, kelp and a limited amount of table scraps. The whole process of the Canine Osteosarcoma Diet will assist your dog’s body to reverse the process of cancer as he heals.

Diet for your dog is the one thing that you can control, leading to a successful cancer treatment. Cancer lowers the body’s immunities and following the proper Canine Osteosarcoma Diet will boost your dog’s immunity while fighting off cancer cells. As long as your dog stays away from grains and sugars, which promote cancer cells, and consumes a diet consisting predominantly of proteins, omega oils and other natural foods and supplements, he will live a remarkably happy, healthy life. The canine osteosarcoma diet will indeed help in healing and further prevention of cancer.