Benefits of Green Tea

Today, Green Tea is highly popular among health conscious people. Although green tea originally came from China, it has now become widespread and popular in Asia, Middle East and also in the West. Leaves of camellia sinensis are mainly used to prepare green tea. These leaves are prepared under nominal oxidation. This kind of tea primarily goes through four stages before it becomes ready to consume: Steaming, Rolling, Firing and Packing. Green tea generally appears pale yellowish in color and is light in taste. Green tea contains highest levels of polyphenols.

Nowadays, different types of green tea are grown under varied growing environments, methods and time frame. Green tea is a popular and age long drink in India, China, Japan and Thailand. In ancient times, green tea was particularly used as a stimulant. It was also used for varied urinary problems, to cure lesions, issues with bleeding and to improve coronary diseases. Research and medical science have already come up with startling benefits of green tea. Let us now find out the most important benefits of drinking green tea:

Studies and scientific research shows that regular consumption of green tea helps fight cancer, protects skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and lessens the risk of diabetes and heart diseases to a certain extent. Research studies have shown that polyphenols present in green tea helps in slowing down the growth rate of breast cancer cells. Women who consume more than 3 cups of green tea have been found less prone to breast cancer; it also protects the body from recurrence of the disease. Green tea even controls stomach, skin, pancreatic, colorectal and prostrate cancer.

Green tea also helps in controlling the blood sugar level in our body. Studies show that regular intake of green tea averts the occurrence of Type 1 diabetes and slows down its development.

Daily consumption of green tea lowers the cholesterol level. Results have shown that green tea obstructs the intestine from absorbing the cholesterol, thereby excreting it out of the body. It even helps in reducing the growth of LDL cholesterol in blood which has been found high among smokers. Drinking green tea daily helps in reducing and controlling weight and sharpening the mind. Hence, green tea is highly popular these days for fighting obesity.

Although these are the best and well-known benefits of green tea, this magic drink even helps in rejuvenating our mind and body and provides a glow to our skin and hair, as it contains antioxidants and vitamins which boost our body, thus giving us a healthier look. More and more health conscious people today have taken to consuming green tea regularly to stay fit, healthy and active.