Benefits of Fish and Fowl for a Better Future

Fish and fowl are white meat and through modern times health physicians, doctors, research scientists all teach us that it is very beneficial to our bodies not to eat red meat.

Both fish and fowl are healthier meats to consume than red meat. Whether you choose to purchase from your local meat market or grocery store or to raise your own it is much healthier than eating store bought meats pumped full of growth hormones and pesticides from the animals eating the feed that pesticides were grown with.

I prefer personally to raise my own chickens and to catch my own fish, this way it is organically grown and processed by me without all the harsh additives and chemicals. Knowing what is in your food that you consume is very important to your health. Just as important as the water you drink.

It’s very easy to get started raising your own chickens. You can start with peeps bought from your local farmer, rancher, the feed store, or order them through the mail. If you start your flock out with peeps they will live longer than buying an older chicken or rooster that you have no idea their age. You can also raise ducks for their meat but if you decide to raise both you need separate pens for your animals don’t place them all in one pen.

If you have the space you can dig a pond in your back yard and start your own cat fish farm. Catfish are excellent fish to raise and eat. There are several places on the internet you can order your fish from and different sizes you can buy to start your catfish pond with. I suggest buying a variety of sizes so that you won’t have to wait too long to have a fresh catfish meal. Fingerlings are small fish and you should get a good supply of these in your first order because these will be the ones that will be your future catch. Also the smaller the fish the cheaper the price to buy.

You can buy a 50lb bag of catfish pellets and feed your fish daily by throwing a hand full of pellets (or more depending on the amount of fish you are raising) in the water and watch them pop the water and eat. When they are big enough for you to eat just go out throw some feed and when they come up to eat use your dip net to grab a few for supper.

If for some reason you don’t want catfish there are a large variety of other fish you can stock your pond with including but not limited to: Bluegill, Fathead Minnow, Small mouth Bass, Large mouth Bass, Red ear Sunfish, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch and many others.

Whatever you decide to do there are many health benefits of raising your own fish and fowl for a better future.