Benefits and Danfers of Internet Networking

A key feature of the internet is to connect people. Web sites like facebook and MySpace have become the ultimate proof that the world has become a global village. People from America, Brazil, Europe, Russia, India, and Australia can connect each other merely by logging in to these sites. They offer personal connections and fun, but they can be annoying and can cause problems if you carelessly share your essential information.


Business networking. Pages like linkedln are aimed for connecting with other people from your trade. Employees describe their skills, qualifications and experience in their profile, and employers can easily browse through hundreds of profiles.

Groups for people with similar interests. Social networking sites are great for finding people with similar interests. If you like to socialize with people who like cooking and new recipe’s there are groups where it is very easy to read other people’s experiences and thoughts. If you like to discuss about economy, politics, football, art or even planting roses, you can find and join such a group. If there isn’t such a group or you can’t find it, everyone can easily set up a group and invite people to join it.

Social Games. Social internet sites like facebook and myspace offer a lot of games which will increase your understanding of economics, may make you learn a few new words or even give you an understanding of a totally new business which you knew nothing about previously. Besides classics like Tetris, there are games which are about farming, house design, logics. There are so many different games that there are even different versions of horse games, so it is likely that every one will find at least one game that is interesting. If you want to have access to this popular sites anytime, anywhere, search for i Phone apps which will allow you to do that.


Your: Credit Card, Social Security Number and your passwords. Be careful about giving away your credit card numbers or your social security number or web-site passwords to anyone that asks for them. Do not give them away, unless you are one hundred percent sure that they will not be misused or stolen.

Password theft. There are special types of web pages that look almost exactly like your e-mail page, or the page you use to log in to an internet site. These are called phishing pages. You recognize the original page by it’s address. For example, the internet address for your e-mail at Yahoo is “” and the phishing pages for your e-mail at yahoo will be very different, like “”. Phishing pages are used so that you will type in your login name and password. Your data are then recorded. After this, the perpetrator will enter your web page and use it to send a flood of his personal ads or emails to thousands of other people, or even send a computer virus.