Bend Oregon Karaoke

I am an fanatic karaoke’er with my own list of songs in tow, and so I make a point of knowing when and where the best karaoke in town is and when. Over the years the venues have changed, some have even gone out of business with the hard times and sometimes it seems that the times change every month so please be sure to call ahead to the venue and check that it hasn’t changed, I will include addresses and phone numbers!

First I want to tell you about my favorite karaoke host- her name is Rockin Robin! by day she is a hair dresser and by night she is the most fab karaoke host ever, with quite the voice of her own, she is the only host that i know personally so if i seem partial to a certain night or venue it is prob because she is the host- but there are many hosts out there, all with differing styles and ways of running a night of musical fun.

First up is my fave karaoke spot- it’s bests little Irish pub- called Kelly D’s , this is a very new bar, been around only 2 years so far but seems like it’s doing well. Kelly D’s has a great small town bar feel- they have 5 big screen TVs with sports playing for the sports fan, they have karaoke two nights each week, Wednesday and Saturday, starting at 7:30 both nights. Kelly D’s is prob about 50/50 karaoke crowd these nights, with a hand full of regulars that come every week, but first timer’s are welcome too! if you get there early or stay late you’ll have plenty of singing time, as long as you can wait out the middle of the night when the list gets really long. it’s a GREAT spot to sing and hang out! and the menu has some great restaurant quality dishes!
contact info and location : 1012 S.E. Cleveland Bend, OR 97702 541-389-5625 and the directions posted on their website is :
We’re at the intersection of Cleveland and 97, across the street from Chan’s Chinese Restaurant and Carrera Motors. That is a short one-block distance North of Reed Market Rd. on Third Street (Hwy 97). The road is easy to miss so go slowly. There is lots of parking available.
If you are a long time bend resident like myself it is located where the old bend tri-cinema’s used to be (10+ years ago).

the second Bar I’m gonna tell you about is about as opposite from Kelly D’s as you can get, this one is downtown and “high class” for the person who wants a crowded hot spot and doesn’t care so much about singing (since the list is always a mile long) this one is called Bo Restobar 550 NW Franklin Ave # 118, Bend, OR 97701-2892 (541) 617-8880 ‎. Bo’s is very new too, under two years I believe I don’t remember what nights they have karaoke here- it’s a weekend night, last time I went it was Friday nights but I only went once, it wasn’t the karaoke atmosphere that I like, but I do have some friends who love it so it’s worth trying out.

the third bar I’m reviewing is called seven, it’s also downtown and is a Tuesday night karaoke spot, this is the one I know the least about, I’ve been to the bar but not for karaoke, it was a homey atmosphere, with plenty of room, super friendly staff and somewhere between a pub and a “high class bar” and I’ve been told it has a great sound system! Rockin Robin does the karaoke here, and it’s on my list of things to try out, when schedule will allow me too!

Elsewhere in town that does karaoke are timbers- on random nights though they tend to spread the karaoke songs out between some dance songs, they are very very loud and over the top bar atmosphere where you would most likely see a few drunk people and be bombarded by smoke.
To my knowledge these are the only places in bend that do karaoke on a regular basis, I am hoping that we’ll get some more soon! If you have any comments to add about the bars above or any others in bend please leave them as comments below! and have a great time out there singing your hearts out!!!