Beloved Queen Victory

Montrealers as well as other Canadians have a federal based system of prime ministers. We continue now with the Queens of England and go on to Montreal’s only female Prime Minister of Canada, and end with the women Governor Generals of Canada.

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English Montrealers are enjoy British history while French Montrealers enjoy the history of France.

Political unpopularity

Prior to 1872, the voting system was open and all could see who a constituent was voting for. This system was being challenged in government because of the danger it could create for common voters. If voters did not vote for the right candidate, their employer who preferred a different candidate could impose penalties upon them such as being fired from their jobs.

William Gladstone was to change all that when he introduced the secret ballot system.

Queen Victoria apposed the secret ballad act of 1872, but there was nothing she could do about it. Her popularity as a monarch was at its lowest during these years. She will still out of touch with the everyday lives of her British subjects. Her opposition to a secret ballad at election time only made matters worse.

Queen Victoria: The Empress of India and Her Relationship with Benjamin Disraeli

Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli

Once Benjamin Disraeli came to power, her popularity began to raise and stayed that way until her death in 190l. She was given the title Empress of India by Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

Queen Victoria had a very successful jubilee (50 year reign) in 1887, and this helped her to come out of the isolation and show herself once more to her British subjects. In retrospect, Queen Victoria became a beloved Queen after her death and is seen that way in history. She was not that beloved during her reign when she appeared unapproachable to her subjects.