Bella Bed & Breakfast El Dorado KS

Get out your needles and yarn; the latest new bed & breakfast in Kansas to enter the game wants to wrap you up and take you in. We’re here in El Dorado Kansas at one of the newer 100 year old properties in the area, Bella Bed & Breakfast (1). Innkeeper Teresa at Bella Bed & Breakfast is an accomplished quilter and longtime hostess who just opened the doors to her bed & breakfast in March of this year. Teresa did plenty of renovations to bring this property up to snuff spending the better part of last year making sure Bella was ready for her beau. Crisp new sheets and innovative quilting patterns are nice, but how about the beds? What makes a night’s sleep in these authentic quilts make travelers want to come out to El Dorado? Let’s head on inside Bella Bed & Breakfast and see if this is somewhere that you should Sleep Here Now (2).

El Dorado is an interesting city and is a part of the Wichita Metropolitan area. El Dorado is a comfortable city with one real reason that people come here. To get away from it all.

Bella Bed & Breakfast was actually hosting their ribbon cutting ceremony the evening we stayed there. A couple dozen people came by at varying times in the afternoon and evening for both the ribbon cutting and a wine tasting event. Wine was provided by area wine shop “Beyond Napa” and there were also specialty deluxe chocolates provided by independent chocolate retailer “Sweet 120.” (3)

Bella Bed & Breakfast is two guest rooms on the second floor of the house. The two guest rooms share a single bath but innkeeper Teresa indicated she generally would not want to rent to more than one party at a time. Still if you have three or four people in your El Dorado KS brood, Bella Bed & Breakfast is here to suit you.

The wireless signal at Bella Bed & Breakfast was very strong. Unfortunately the whole time I was there innkeeper Teresa couldn’t get me onto the network. We tried any number of combinations for potential passwords and she was certain that the network I was on was correct. From the guest floor landing I was able to hop on board an open network but of course I kept getting kicked off from time to time.

Breakfast at Bella Bed & Breakfast was whatever we’d wanted. I asked for pancakes as Teresa said those were “her specialty.” Indeed we did have these pancakes which came with fresh cut strawberries, cinnamon apples, and bacon on the side.

After a comfortable night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast it’s time for me to be on my way. Bella Bed & Breakfast is a new entry to the bed & breakfast community that is still searching for an identity. Innkeeper Teresa told us she wants to be sure that everyone who stays with her are able to get the rest & relaxation they are seeking. Of particular interest to quilting groups or folks visiting any of the area nursing homes in town, the day we visited Bella Bed & Breakfast it felt just like home. While it is still a shell of what it could one day become, we will have to wait and see which road Bella Bed & Breakfast ends up taking.