Belkin SurgeMaster Surge Suppressor May Keep My Cords Together but Don’t Know About Safe!

I will be the first to admit that I do not use this item as it is intended. Or how I think it is intended. I do not put faith into it as most people probably do. I do not have excess cash lying around to recover my losses in case of lightning striking my equipment nor an extra computer lying around to use if mine is fried. So my Belkin SurgeMaster® Gold (F9G1032-10GY) (F9G103210GY) Surge Suppressor has never been tested during a storm as I always shut down everything…well not everything. My television and TIVO are on but everything connected to this Belkin Surgemaster is disconnected!

I have my computer, printer, wireless router, modem, speakers, scale, phone charger, battery charger, and desk lamp hooked up to it at all times. Most people complain about the spacing on this as some plugs are very large and bulky. I have not had this issue as not everything I need to plug in has the bulky plugs…so it is perfect for my needs! I put one large plug with a small plug and it fits fine. Now if I had large plugs for all ten spots on it, then yes I would have issues as it is not large enough to do that. Right now I have three very large plugs, three medium sized plugs, and three small plugs on it. Four of the outlets on it are spaced more apart for the larger plugs, one of my large plugs takes up some of the extra space even in this large spacing!

There is a space for two phone cords (one input and one output) at the very end of the strip which I do not need as well as an input and output connectors. There is a ten foot cord which I really did not need as the outlet is closeby to my computer station. The cord strip is bulky but very useful for a large amount of cords around your computer. Most of us do not have enough outlets close by to plug in all of our electronics! The surge energy rating is 2950 Joules and the peak current normal mode is 150 kA. There is a lifetime warranty on this product as well as a warranty in case it fails. As I said, I have not been brave enough to try it during a lightning storm yet! Two of the outlets still work even when the unit is switched off. A button turns the unit off and on which is nice instead of unplugging items. Each of the single outlets can be used with three pronged or two pronged plug ins. I liked the gray/black colors of this one much better than the lighter colored Belkin products.

The Belkin Surgemaster Surge Suppressor has ten outlets and is 13″ long by 5″ wide. I purchased it for $20.00 locally but it can be purchased online at places like Around Christmas, I noticed frequent sales on them at

All in all I am happy to have all my cords in one place without running out of space but not brave enough to try using it during a lightning storm any time soon!