Believe Me Red State Proles–the GOP’s Policies Have Hurt You in the Past and Will Continue Doing So!

They have been labeling Democrats with ‘Tax-And-Spend’for decades as if that is a vile habit. Currently there is a American Crossroads Ad that mocks ‘Tax-And-Spend’ Democrats. There has never been any evidence that higher taxes hurts the economy'”so what is the problem with raising taxes?

The article “Sorry, GOP: Tax revenue needs to go up” clearly describes how

the GOP is playing us for fools for the benefit of their fat cat contributors.

Let’s deal with the misinformation first. The article states “The United States has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

That is the persistent Republican mantra whenever the question of how to reduce deficits comes up. The party line: Cut spending, and under no circumstances raise taxes.”

There is the reality of the situation which the GOP evades as the article continues “But there is abundant evidence showing that taxes must be part of debt reduction, however distasteful the GOP finds them.

Why? Because the looming debt problem is just too big. And reducing it by spending cuts alone would require draconian changes that could hurt the economy far more than a mix of spending cuts and tax increases.”

Unless we throw the “baby boomers” en masse to the side of the road we’ll have increased spending.

The article states One the biggest reasons for increased spending — and hence, high debt — is the aging of the population. That means burgeoning Medicare and Social Security rolls, especially over the next 25 years.”

The article states “In the current debate, some Republicans are reluctantly acknowledging that taxes might need to play a role in debt reduction.

“Taxes? They’ll be a bitter pill for me. But we have got to get this country on the right path. … I’d have to challenge [calls to put taxes on the table], but I would look at it,” Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the Senate budget committee, told Bloomberg’s Al Hunt earlier this month.”

The current of group GOP villains will hide the fact that even Reagan Republicans can’t see a problem with raising taxes on the rich from the proles until the bitter end.

The article “Top Reagan Economic Advisor: Return To Clinton-Era Tax Rates Would Not Hurt Economic Growth” acknowledges that reducing taxes is nice, but it can’t be their entire raison d’etre.

The article states “In defending the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans last fall, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said he opposed “job-killing tax hikes.”

Yet the idea that higher taxes impede or retard economic growth isn’t generally backed up by the facts. Bloomberg News interviewed Joel Slemrod, who was is an economist at the University of Michigian and is a former senior economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan, about the issue. Slemrod pointed out that high tax countries tend to perform well economically and said that returning to Clinton-era tax rates in 2013 would not harm the economy —

In fact, Slemrod’s argument applies across the board. Historically, the United States has actually had some of its strongest periods of economic growth while taxes were high.”

The article “To Win, Republicans Just Need to Lie More” proves that

the GOP doesn’t care about the ramifications of their policies. They want to give their cronies benefits while using catchy phrases to lie to red staters.

The GOP wants to pretend that our “baby boomers” aren’t aging. We are and we’ll need health care and an income and that doesn’t come cheap.

The article states “This is the effect of aging population: millions more people will be eligible for Medicare, and healthcare costs grow as we get older. Older people are also more likely to need nursing home care, which is increasingly paid for by Medicaid. Taken altogether, even if we were unbelievably successful in controlling health care costs, annual spending on Medicare and Medicaid would increase by almost 3 percent of GDP by 2035 or about $400 billion per year at current income levels.

Mr. Ryan’s version of reality assumes all of this away. His plan would basically flat-line healthcare spending as a share of GDP. Despite population aging. Despite future medical advances that promise to lengthen lifespans and improve quality of life for seniors, but at a price.”

Ryan pretends that he believes Medicare vouchers will work. They won’t as the article states “If that doesn’t work, seniors will have to cut back on frills such as food and housing to pay for a rising share of their health costs.

Or maybe they’ll just skip going to the doctor and die, which will help with those inconvenient demographic trends.”

We all know how Medicaid pays for granny’s stay at the nursing home. Ryan’s plan will make that impossible. Add that to his other cuts and you have a regular dystopia as the article states “Thus, spending for everything else that the government does falls by about 60 percent by 2050. Given that defense is assumed to be sacrosanct, that means the safety net and most other things the government does will be history.

So if that passes for policy in the GOP’s reality-based world, I tremble at what they might come up with if they got creative.”

The GOP likes propaganda and gives little thought to anything other than tax breaks. You have to have really apathetic voters if you have only one goal as a party and the GOP does. Maybe the GOP wants to use the “Soylent Green” solution. Anyone who gets over 55 becomes a nutritious snack for a starving world. If they could get the population to believe that Hussein was involved in 9/11 they could explain away disappearing relatives and a strange taste to the new food.