Beirut in Toledo is Great Lebanese Food for Ohio

Ohio is not very ethnically diverse. This means that you will not find a large number of ethnic food options in Ohio like you would find in some other places. Even in a big Ohio city like Toledo you do not have many ethnic food choices. However that does not mean they do not exist at all. In fact one of the most popular of all food places in Toledo happens to be a Lebanese food place called Beirut.

Beirut can be found at 4082 Monroe Street in Toledo Ohio. If you do not know what exactly Lebanese food is if you have ever had Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, or Greek they are all pretty similar. If you have never had this kind of food then about the only thing you will recognize will be the pitas and kabobs.

The hummus, mezze, and grape leaves are a popular choice here. The food is not cheap but it is moderately priced. Most ethnic foods tend to be more of a speciality so they tend to be higher priced so it is not to uncommon for this kind of food to be priced similar to Beirut. If you have ever had good Lebanese food before you may be disappointed. The food at Beirut is certainly not bad and it is one of the best Lebanese food places in town but it is one of only a few Lebanese food spots in Toledo. In all of Ohio though there is not much in the way of Lebanese food.

If Beirut was put somewhere else like Little Arabia in Anaheim, California it would be an average Lebanese place but being in Ohio it can be one of the best Lebanese restaurants in the state. It is pretty good but you can probably get Greek food which is similar. You can also probably find Greek food in Ohio cheaper and better.

You may not get as cheap a meal as a similar Greek meal but for the moderate price tag you will get lots of food. Depending how much you eat and what you get you may even be able to split a single meal between two people. The service is decent but it can be slow. You might want to order take out to save yourself the time of waiting for your food to come. Beirut is good for kids who are older and would be fine to take younger kids except they may have a problem waiting if the service is slow.

One odd bit of Beirut trivia is the owner is friends with Jammie Farr of Mash fame and occasionally Jammie Farr can be seen eating at Beirut.

I would recommend Beirut for the Toledo and even the Ohio area but I would not recommend it as an overall great Lebanese dinning experience. But if you have never had Lebanese food before you wont know the difference anyway.