Being Human – Episode 3/28/2011

This past episode of the SciFi network’s “Being Human” finally got me excited for the character, Sally.

Up until now, I was actually getting pretty bored with her storyline.

For a little background on Sally, you’ll first need to know that she is a ghost.

Ghosts on TV might seem a little strange, but remember, the other main characters are a werewolf (Josh) and a vampire (Aidan), so being a ghost doesn’t seem out of place for this show.

Sally and her fiancé, Danny, got into an altercation over her engagement ring. He lost his temper and shoved her, which ended up with her falling down the stairs and thus ending her life.

We did not find out that Danny was the culprit until a few episodes in when Sally finally had a flashback.

The other characters, Aidan and Josh, are now renting the house where Sally and Danny once called home. This is how they become aware of Sally and befriend her early on.

Up until the last episode, we have seen Sally basically complain every chance she gets. Yes, she was murdered and her spirit roams the earth, but she doesn’t try very hard to find any real help or use her “powers” very wisely. She even tried to haunt Danny to no avail as he basically told her to leave him alone. He is now dating her friend, Bridget, who is unaware of the incident in which Sally loses her life.

Sally has tried to explain it Bridget in a few ways, only to have her never thoroughly understand the situation and therefore brush off the “ghost” feeling she has been having.

Sally even found a fellow ghost who was her friend in “life”. She has always had a crush on him and now was her chance to be with him, ironically, for eternity. The only problem was that this “ghost crush” kept reliving his drowning, seemingly on purpose, once a day. Sally decided she couldn’t deal with it and broke it off. She gave a half heartfelt explanation on why she couldn’t be with her new “boyfriend”, saying that she as always doing this with the men in her life. I still don’t understand why she had to break it off with her fellow ghost, as she has problems as well, but couldn’t accept his.

This past episode included a séance of sorts in which Danny was trying to get Sally out of the house.

The only problem I saw was where was Josh and Aiden? Did they not know this was happening in their own home? Of course Josh and Aiden have their own problems to deal with, but this seems an odd plot hole which never came to light for me. Either that or I grabbed a snack and completely missed it.

The “ghost” exterminator was actually doing her job and Sally was losing her battle with this in-between world she has been stuck in.

When it seemed all was lost and this would be the end of the semi-boring Sally, something happened. She was somehow getting through to Bridget and she began asking questions about where Sally would go after she had left this world. After there was no clear answer, we could tell something was about to change.

Sally then enters the body of the “medium” and shows her how she died from Danny’s hands.

Sally was still looking bad when she got back to her own ghostly spirit, but now it seems that the cat is out of the bag as the medium spilled the beans.

I cannot wait to see next week’s episode as the previews suggested that Sally might be possessed or something else weird is going on.


“Being Human episode that aired on March 28, 2011”