Being an Effective Manager

It is not an easy task to manage people. Managers’ have a difficult job which is not for everyone. There are many qualities which can make a person an effective leaders and successful in their position. Some of the important qualities of an effective manager are:

Communications Skills
Conflict Management Skills
Listening Skills
Problem Skills

Effective leaders need to have good communication skills. Often this is one of the most important qualities to be effective as a manager. It is critical for persons in management positions to be able to effectively communicate with those under them in various situations. Employees must be able to understand the goals set by a manager in order to succeed and fulfill them. Many situations can occur in the workplace which could require different types of communication from the manager. For instance, if a conflict occurs between employees a manger must be able to communicate with the employees involved to resolve the issues. Having good conflict management skills as a manager can help make the workplace a pleasant place for all employees and increase and sustain productivity. Understand, sensitivity, and firmness is communications skills which a manager should have. Listening is also an important part of communication for managers. A manager must be able to listen to the suggestions, experience, and thoughts of their employees. Employees need to feel their input is important and encouraged. The team should feel like they are all important in accomplishing the goals set forth and comfortable inputting to achieve this.

Knowledge is important for managers to have. In order to be successful in leading others, a manager must be knowledgeable in their job and knowledgeable in the goals which their employees must achieve. Employees need to be able to trust they will receive correct answers from their managers when necessary, trusting their manager’s knowledge is important for this to be accomplished. Knowledge is important for managers to make proper decisions for their team in order to achieve success. Managers not only have to have good knowledge of their job but also knowledge of their employees’ skills, weaknesses, and strength, knowing this information about their employees will help managers effective assign tasks and goals to their team.

Problem solving is a good quality for managers to have. They should be able to analyze a problem, indentify what caused the problem, and determine an effective way to solve the problem. Input from their employees is important to this process which again brings in the importance of having good communications skills including listening skills.

Managers should be dedicated to the goals and task which need to be accomplished. Creatively is often part of achieving these goals and helping to motivate their employees. Motivation of employees is very important to be an effective leader. Leaders can motivate employees in many ways. Showing the integrity they have can help motivate employees to strive for the same and strive to succeed in their job. Integrity also will help build a positive and trusting relationship between a manager and employees. Being honest, well controlled, fair, focused, dedicated, motivated, and knowledgeable are all ways which a manager can show their employees they have integrity. A manager which gives credit where credit is due will foster a good working relationship with their employees. Employees will be more motivated and trusting when they see their manager will not take credit for work they have accomplished. A manager which shows they are interested in the success and accomplishments of their employee by acknowledging their achievements will have a more productive and motivated team.

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