Being Aggressive Can Be a Great Thing when it Comes to Changing Negativity

Being aggressive can be a great thing when it comes to changing any negative course of direction you might be on. Normally, Spirit would be telling you to take a more serene or cerebral approach. However, there are many times when people find themselves so stuck in a pattern that warrants nothing but frustration, that unless they do something more assertive the only thing that will happen is more of the same. Let us all make a pact to work together! Let all of us encourage each other to be confident, loving and successful in our endeavors!

This message is about “we,” as in all people living on the physical plane, as well as all of those in the realm of Golden Light. Let us work as a perfectly harmonized instrument, but we must do so with love, passion and positive emotions as the tuning fork. It is time to make your life feel the vibrancy of God’s love, as well as the optimism of angels. Allow them to help uncover the treasures that your life should be rewarded with. You deserve the infinite richness that your soul is geared to receive. Often, it is the mental aspect, both on a conscious and subconscious level, that determines whether or not you will accept what you have the right to. You are much more in control of your destiny when this is reflected upon. This is why we want all of us to work in sync; to lift you to the height of mountaintops, with the lightness of angels.

Perhaps what we are striving to explain is that there is nothing in your life, good or bad, that cannot be improved on by embracing the blessings of all of your loved ones in the wondrous lanes of heavenly energies. You do not have to ever feel like you are living life by yourself. Helpers are everyplace! Success only awaits your desire to recognize that you can earn and receive it! Let the world see your vitality, but let others share your importance to them and the world. Each soul that is carried in a physical body is doubly blessed. There are people on both sides of the divide whose only quest is to be able to help you. May you politely, but assertively seek what you need from the ones who can help you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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