Being a Girls Soccer Coach

Formerly as my occupation, I was a high school girl’s soccer coach. I also coached a club team, and I worked a lot of summer soccer camps while I was in College and even after I graduated. I absolutely loved it and took things very passionately, but it was so much fun. So I am going to share some of my tips, experiences, and joys that I have about coaching high school girl’s soccer.

First I loved coaching the high school team more so than club, but I definitely enjoyed working the summer soccer camps too since that was kids of all ages. I think at one point during the summer, I had 5 or 6 camps to work. High school season lasted about 5 months, club season was split into two seasons fall and spring, and then obviously soccer camps ran throughout the entire summer. Coaching is and was the highlight of all my occupations thus far, and I know that I will eventually coach high school or college in my future.

Next are the benefits of coaching high school girls, and they are priceless. You get to see the girls grow as players and people, you get to see how the generations evolve, you become a family, you build relationships with their parents, you get to stay competitive, you get to experience the sport again, and you learn a lot about yourself.

Now are some tips and tidbits on coaching girl’s soccer. Now a days, you have to be careful what you say to the kids and how you say something to them. First, take the player aside instead of calling them out in front of everybody, try to talk to the entire team about a topic and not just one specific player, make practices fun yet informational, keep practices moving along and active or they will lose focus, and speaking as a coach you have to try and be laid back, but assertive at the same time. The girls will every once in a while get on your nerves, but try not to let them see that. You should care, but try not to take things too personal. I feel like I learned a lot about myself and teenage girls while I was coaching.

Next are some of the experiences I had the chance to embellish in while coaching. First, the relationships that I made with the players and parents overall was really good. I had a few players that were stubborn and we butted heads sometimes, but we always found a middle ground. We went to the playoffs both years I was there, and we were district champs both years also. We had the best overall records at the time, and set new records while I was coaching there. I got to experience those things as a coach rather than a player, and it was quite a different feeling in the aspect that you hope you have taught them all the things they needed to know to compete with the other great teams. All my experiences with this team were awesome, and I would have loved to stay with that team for longer than I did.

Lastly are the joys of coaching high school girl’s soccer. It is so incredibly amazing to see them bond and grow as the years past. You get to teach them the sport of soccer and the things about life, and it’s just nice to see kindness and respect back in return. Spending time as a group and meeting and building relationships with the parents, school, and other coaches was nice also. I definitely enjoyed coaching, and I know I will be back to it within the next 7 to 8 years.

High school coaching is such an experience, but you have to have a knack for it for sure. I love the creativity of coming up with new practices, I love the competitiveness of the games, and I loved the group of girls and people that I was working with.