Being a Better Friend – Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Girlfriends

It can be hard to sustain friendship when you are always busy with work, family responsibility and your personal life. Despite these distractions, you can make a conscious effort to be a better friend and stay in touch with your girlfriends as often as you can.

Pick up the phone

Set time aside to call regularly. Even if the phone call is for a few minutes, make time in your busy schedule to catch up on what is going on with your girlfriends. Depending on your schedule, make it a habit to call once or twice every month. When a routine has been established, your girlfriends will look forward to your calls and also make an effort to reciprocate the gesture. To be the better friend do not always wait for your friends to make the first move to be in touch.

Text Messages

Send text messages. If you cannot make a habit of calling regularly, text messages are equally effective. A simple line that says “Hi, how are you?” will show that you care.

Use the Internet

The Internet can be used in many ways to communicate. For instance, social networking sites like Facebook have made it easy to stay in touch with friends. With Facebook, you can update your profile with latest pictures, post a message on your friends’ walls, and you can even chat live if you find you and your girlfriends are logged on at the same time. Skype is another means by which you can stay in touch. With a web cam on your computer, a microphone and an Internet connection, you can make free video calls through Skype. This is especially useful for your girlfriends who live far away. Instant messages are another way of having an interactive conversation with your friends via the Internet. With instant messaging, you will be able to reply to messages right away if your friend is also logged on.

Don’t forget those special days

What kind of friend will you claim to be if you can’t remember special dates. Take note of birthdays, anniversaries and special events in a diary or a calendar. On those special days, remember to call or send a text to wish your friend well. You can send her a card in the mail to let her know you care; even a simple e-card via email will go a long way.

Spend time together when you can

Plan and organize day outs. Contact your girlfriends and plan a day out, like a girls’ day out when you can all get together and spend quality time outside your busy lives catching up. Like a picnic or a visit to the cinema, it could be anything as long as you get to do it together. It will give you and your girlfriends something to look forward to and a memory to hold on to till you plan another outing.