Behind the Badge: A Real Look into the Life of a Private Eye

I’m sitting at my desk, feet up, smoking on a cigar. I can hear the rain pounding on the window as I look at my half empty bottle and consider taking another drink. Then I hear it, the creaking of the door as it opens. Through my smoke filled office I see her, a stark, raven beauty as she approaches my desk.

There is no doubt that the above description sounds familiar to you, it should. Open any comic book, or turn on any detective show and there you have it, the above is the image that Hollywood has given to the private eye. Ah, the private eye, gumshoe, detective, no matter the title always conjures up images of of romance and intrigue. What is a private eye, and do they actually exist?

The short answer is yes, they do exist. However, the Dick Tracy image is solely a Hollywood creation. I am a private eye, gumshoe, detective or investigator. Call me what you will I am that man behind the badge, all professional and no Hollywood fluff.

If the Hollywood hype doesn’t exist, then what is a private eye? For starters, a private eye is a professional. Part legal buff, part cop but all professional. They study the laws and regulations. They earn their licenses from the state, and they do it to serve you. Lawyers, insurance companies, and the general public all have a need for us. Our job is to fill in where the police leave off, to ensure justice is served and the innocent are protected.

I collect evidence, interview witnesses, and watch suspects. I testify in court and review court records. I serve court papers and locate people who don’t want to be found. It can be a boring, tedious job filled with occasional excitement and reward. If I do my job correctly, the truth will be heard. You may not think that you need me, but I am here. The thousands of professionals that earn the title of private investigator, willing and ready to serve anytime and anyplace. No person can hide, no truth can go untold, we will find it.

Its cold and wet. I am shivering inside my car. I’ve been here for ten hours, sitting outside your house. My stomach aches from hunger as I watch and wait. Finally, I see it. It happens almost too quickly, but it did happen. The man walks outside carrying a large, heavy box. Click! Click! Click! Your caught. My client will get the pictures, you will get busted for insurance fraud, and tens of thousands of honest people wont have their rates increase. Ten hours, but I got you. I am cold and hungry but I will be back tomorrow. Maybe here, maybe somewhere else, rest assured I will be back. I am a professional, I am a private investigator.