Been Stung by an Insect?

Apis mellifica

One of the best examples of homeopathy’s principle that like cures like is the remedy suggested for bee stings'”Apis mellifica, which is made from the common hive bee. Use this when you feel very tired after the bite,experience some vertigo combined with sneezes, or find the tip of the nose is cold. Other symptoms include redears, a fiery tongue, and inflamed skin around the bite, or you feel chilled and thirsty in the afternoon.


For any insect sting that appears infected, Cantharis, from the cantharis beetle and commonly known as SpanishFly, is recommended. Since these beetles are so tiny it takes about 13,000 dried insects to produce onekilogram. This method of treating insect bites is appropriate when symptoms of forgetfulness are present; aperson is easily irritated or angered; has extreme thirst which increases upon drinking coffee; the urge to urinate becomes constant; or the bladder is irritated.

Aconitum napellus

Treating insect bites with homeopathic Aconitum napelus, from the Monkshood (Wolfsbane) plant may be helpfulwhen the person who was bit feels very fearful of darkness, death, or ghosts. Additional indications are worryabout inconsequential things, a feeling of the skin being pricked by needles all over or if numbness is found.

Arnica montana

Homeopathic physicians suggest treating wasp stings with Arnica Montana, from the herb known as Leopard’s Bane or Mountain Tobacco when these symptoms appear:

The body feels as if it is bruised all over
The person gets dizzy when the eyes are closed
Headache prominent at the back of the head
Absentmindedness is prominent
Person becomes hypochondriacal

Ledum palustre

How do you treat insect bites and stings in general? The homeopathic remedy Ledum palustre, from the commonmarsh tea or wild rosemary is suggested by homeopathic practitioners. This remedy is recommended whenthese characteristic symptoms are present:

Bell ringing noises in the ears
Feeling surly or fretful
Seeing floating black points in the vision
Feet and ankles itch
Right shoulder throbs

Caution: The substances mentioned here are all to be taken in homeopathic dosages, that is, extremely diluted. Do not in any case try the herbal sources directly. This information is not meant as medical advice. Also consult a medical practioner if in doubt about the seriousness of any condition or if pregnant.