Bed & Bagels of Tucson: Tucson, AZ

It’s not often in my bed and breakfast travels that you find a pet-friendly bed and breakfast location. It’s also not often that you find a child friendly bed and breakfast location. The two are not mutually exclusive but it’s usually one or the other, if anything. Get ready Tucson as my next destination not only offers both services, they pride themselves on it.

Our next stop was in Tucson, Arizona at Bed and Bagels of Tucson. In addition to being a home for your pets and kids Bed & Bagels likes to take their time with all of their guests individually. Bed & Bagels touts your senses should be stimulated whether you’re relaxing in their private hot tub, out with your binoculars doing some bird watching, sipping an exotic signature fruit drink, or simply doing nothing at all. Sensory stimulation is good and all these signature bonuses are a plus, but how are the beds? Let’s head on inside Bed & Bagels of Tucson and see if this is somewhere that you should sleep here now.

One of the things about Bed & Bagels that people will notice right away is that it is not really a bed & breakfast by traditional standards. The day we were there Innkeeper Sharon introduced us to Andy; her live-in guy who helped out around the house and lives in the property. Andy was quiet enough but Sharon told us that when she goes away, he takes over as head innkeeper.

The bathroom situation was also tenuous. There is only one room which has an en suite bathroom; this was the room that Innkeeper Sharon was sleeping in the night we were there. She also was very forthcoming about her office area which had a mattress haphazardly stuck into the corner. She relayed to us that when she sells out for the night, Sharon sleeps in her office.

Many people fear bed and breakfasts because they feel as though they would be invading on someone else’s home. Tucson’s Bed & Bagels is one such place where those fears are realized. This is innkeeper Sharon’s house and all the trimmings are as such. There are two resident dogs and a cat. Even though they are in their separate space, if you’re sensitive, the air carries.

Bed & Bagels is a good spot for people who want that extra level of service that goes along with a down home experience. Bed & Bagels is especially good if you’re an animal lover, have small children, or if you’re looking for a long term stay as innkeeper Sharon is a frequent traveler. Many of the details at Bed & Bagels are authentic, the trimmings are fitting, and the experience is one to remember.

Bed & Bagels of Tucson 10402 E Glenn St Tucson, AZ. 520-760-5595.