Becoming an Effective Manager

Throughout my employment experiences, whether it was as a leader or a follower, the thing that determined my overall job satisfaction was the effectiveness of my supervision. A great effective manager can make a somewhat stressful job a much more pleasant environment. It’s the managers that understand their role that have the most motivated and dependable employees. Please don’t think that just by title alone, you can rule with an iron fist. Nobody likes orders shouted at them in a disrespectful manner. If you are a manager or will become one soon, then I suggest that you take heed and sharpen up these 5 qualities of an effective manager.

Be an excellent communicator! You must be able express what it is that you want carried out in a precise manner. Everyone can’t follow the level of instructions easily. You must know the employee that you are talking to and give tailor-made directions. People comprehend and work on different skill levels so this would definitely help in the communication department. Also, remember to listen to any special needs or requests so your employees will have the proper tools needed to complete their job.

Be fair! I have worked for different people in my life and the ones that stood out the most, were the managers that were fair. If you are a manager remember that employees notice everything. So if you “show” that you have favorites, it will be questioned and resented by everyone else on some level. For example, if you send someone home early today, then send someone else home early tomorrow. Give everybody a chance to enjoy the few perks that are offered and you will be much more appreciated. There is no need to add drama to the workplace by showing favoritism.

Be knowledgeable! There is nothing more disenchanting and depressing than going to work for a boss that is clueless. Employees will lose all respect for you if you do not know if you don’t know how to direct them. If there are different areas of expertise, then you must work to become efficient in all of them. You should be able to answer any questions that arise correctly. An employee will take what you say more serious if he or she knows that you know what you are talking about. You will be more involved in important decisions because you will be more assured with your self worth.

Be confident! Being able to solve problems is good. Being confident that your solution will permanently solve them is priceless. Not every decision that you will have to make will be the best one. However, you must be confident, that at the time and current circumstances, you have made the best decision. When you are confident it shows in your expressions and your demeanor.

Be a good decision maker! Be able to make good decisions based on information and facts. If you come across a theme that you might not be that familiar with, then be able to make a very educated guess. Stay informed of any new techniques, rules, or procedures so you won’t base any decision on out-dated material. Making good and quick decisions will make your employees comfortable when approaching you with a problem and you will be better informed.

These are five of the best qualities of an effective manager. There are more qualities that you should possess , but if you start with these as a foundation, then you will be well on your way to being the best at your workplace. By being a good manager, you will make work a more pleasurable experience for your employees and it will result in better work performance.