Beck ‘Vomits’ Over Meghan McCain’s Cancer PSA

COMMENTARY | For over 10 disgusting minutes, Glenn Beck on his radio show splashed liquid into an empty trashcan while gagging and moaning — a truly nauseating effect for his radio audience. His feigned vomit-attack wasn’t induced by China, gold or the apocalypse (or any of Beck’s other favorite agitators) no, Glenn Beck nearly threw up because of Meghan McCain.

Why? Because she was featured in a PSA to raise awareness about skin cancer.


McCain with other high-profile women in the PSA showed some skin to demonstrate that “if you leave the house without sunscreen, you might as well be naked.” Of course, McCain wasn’t really naked — she was just wearing a strapless dress and showed only a few inches below her neck.

But McCain’s bared collarbone and arms were too much for Beck. Though he calls himself a patriot and a proud defender of the Constitution, he stops at the water’s edge when free speech involves a young woman and her flesh.

There, his views are more aligned with Sharia law, she should wear a burqa, Beck said. Well then, he should go ahead and move to Saudi Arabia where he won’t have to worry about his American daughters having the right to vote, drive, or speak.

But Beck didn’t advocate the burqa for McCain out of a sense of modesty, no; he wanted her covered because he wasn’t attracted to what he saw. He implied that McCain’s physical appearance was not appetizing enough for him as he sarcastically called her “juicy” and “delicious.”

Let’s see. Meat is also called juicy and delicious, and if prepared incorrectly, it can certainly make an individual sick to the point of vomiting. What a despicably short line it is to connect the dots: Beck reacted to McCain like he would react to eating a piece of rotten meat.

“Clearly you have a problem with me, and possibly women in general,” McCain responded in an open letter to Beck on The Daily Beast. “As a person known for his hot body, you must find it easy to judge the weight fluctuations of others, especially young women.”

Amen, girlfriend. But Glenn probably won’t take that letter seriously, because he doesn’t fancy many youngsters like her, “I think a lot of our twenty-somethings are becoming useful idiots.” Beck said, “One of those ‘useful idiots’ seems to be Meghan McCain.”

Glenn’s got part of it right. McCain is vital to new generation of women in politics. The daughter of a powerful political family, she could just sit on a beach somewhere for the rest of her life and do nothing. Instead, she is outspoken and candid in using her high-profile status to advocate women’s political participation, LGBT rights, and to raise awareness for causes like cancer.

And she is absolutely graceful and poised. She begins her letter to Beck, “I am writing to thank you for helping me spread the word about a serious condition.”

That she advocates awareness of a diseases both of her parents battled, and that she confronted Beck when he responded with a gross sexually discriminating attack does indeed make her useful — it makes her indispensable.

As for the idiot part, well, Mr. Beck, somewhere, there’s a village missing someone. Can you guess who?