Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is only skin deep. Its whats on the inside that really truly matters and counts. Looks are not everything. Oh how we’ve heard these phrases throughout our lives so many times. But the real question is why don’t we ever believe it. The answers may just lie within ourselves about what we perceive and expect others to be without counseling our thoughts while the opposite being an unusual twist.

Twelve-year-old Beautiful Harris is a tall, well-spoken young girl, whose half indian and hispanic. She comes from a beautiful family, lives in a beautiful home, and has a beautiful accent as well. Yet to those on the outside barely looking in, when they meet Beautiful through introduction or by acquaintance and states her name, people can’t believe it with all their stares. You see growing up, Beautiful never really paid much attention to others seemingly thrown a bit by her name. But when she entered junior high, Beautiful’s whole new world entered a huge reality check.

On the very first day of school, the homeroom teacher began calling out the roll and Beautiful answered, “present”, some nearby teachers were stunned and classmates would start snickering. A student in her class named Cherica, whispered to another student saying, “who does she think she is with a name like that”. Because others expect such a person would look the part even her appearance should at least live up to her lovely name. By all means, Beautiful Harris is a cute, preteen whose a trailblazing, bright academic achiever. Obviously, its not always the case to the ignorant eye.

But because she wasn’t pretty complexed nor a classic beauty, she didn’t deserve a name such as Beautiful. Soon Beautiful realized what was being said behind her back and tried not to let it get to her. But when she got home afterschool, her confusion was quite a difference. Furthermore, Beautiful’s own sadness came into question when her mom arrived home from work, noticing her head hanging down in pure shame. Her mom, Margaret asked, “whats wrong Beautiful”? Beautiful answered, mommy, I don’t feel worthy of my name. Unaware though, father Kashif enters after overhearing some of the conversation and says to Beautiful, it seems I came just in time. She asked her parents right out of the blue, “why did you name me Beautiful when I was born”?

Margaret and Kashif replied, we felt you were deserving of any name because Beautiful you were given the gift of life, a breathtaking beautiful life filled with radiance, tears, joy and sweet sensitive sparkles. Its true what you’ve encountered happens to all of us. You and your peers focus should be concentrated on meaningful aspirations of hopes and dreams for the future. By not doing so you’ll end up missing out on real lasting potiential friendships. The next day at school, classmates noticed a change about Beautiful Harris, something they had not seen before, an unexpected surprise especially since Beautiful kept it hidden from her own self. That Beautiful smile once replaced by an awkward complicated soul, and Cherica, you guessed it, was livid by Beautiful’s newfound confidence. Most of the students of course just couldn’t keep their eyes off that powerful blossoming smile.

Later during the day in gym, the PE teacher welcomes a new student to the class. You would’t believe it, Gorgeous Johnson is her name. How ironic that was, it proves we’re never ever alone.