Beaded Jewelry to Match Your Style

Beaded jewelry is all the rage these days not only because these pieces can be so affordable but also because there is virtually no limit to customizing them to match your personal style. Your earrings, necklace or bracelets do not have to be like anyone else’s jewelry. It can be one of a kind.

Of course, it is very important to know who you are first. Every woman should know the look she wants for herself and should not be a fashion victim blindly accepting every trend. On the other hand, a woman is also entitled to try out various looks for herself for as long as she knows she can carry each one off.

There are various looks that can be reflected in beaded jewelry. One of the most common is the rustic look. This is usually characterized by earth colors and rough looking or unfinished beads. It can be used to complement prairie looks, Western-inspired outfits and even just casual rugged attire. Quite close to the rustic look is the Native American look. This often includes silver beads or spacers along with semi-precious gemstones like turquoise or onyx. Other natural elements may be added, as well, such as feathers. Both the rustic and Native American looks can be used for beaded jewelry for men, too.

Another related look is the nature-inspired theme. This is where you find beaded jewelry pieces that evoke, for instance, the sea and sand with turquoise, coral or pearls and sea shells. Another set may have a floral theme or may represent greenery instead, with the look of twigs and foliage. This can either use the fresh green look or dried leaves look. The flowers may be delicately pastel or drenched with vivid exotic colors.

The nature-inspired theme can be tweaked to look fairy-like. The fairy theme can look ethereal, sometimes using the “floating” design with the use of almost invisible nylon fishing lines. Crystals are often incorporated into the design to add natural sparkle. The fairy theme can turn mystical when done sparingly and when mystical symbols are incorporated either in beads, spacers or pendants.

Sometimes the theme is not even necessary. A woman may just prefer certain colors or textures in her beaded jewelry. She could also just specify the size of beads she prefers and the length of the necklace she wants. Everything can be customized.

Whatever a woman’s personal style is, she can apply it to her beaded wedding bridal jewelry for her wedding day. There are so many possible designs that there is surely one to match any individual personality and all kinds of wedding dresses. Although the typical beaded wedding bridal jewelry pieces are made with fresh water pearls and mother of pearl, the bride does not have to always use only pearl earrings or a pearl necklace unless these are the exact pieces that fit her style. Any bride can find what she wants at jewelry stores anywhere. There are also jewelry stores online that specialize in beaded wedding bridal jewelry. These online stores could be based anywhere in the United States, such as Samantha Rose of Dallas, Texas.