Beaded Jewelry Make Great Fashion Sense

The current fashion scene has something for almost everybody and that is quite a relief. It means you can be up to date and fashionable no matter what your taste and preferences are in terms of style. You can even switch among various looks every day of the week, and you can also count on beaded jewelry to help you put just the right polish on your look for the day.

With the emphasis on ecologically friendly dressing these days, thrifted finds are all the rage. Recycling your own old clothes is also considered chic especially if you find ways to tweak them so as not to be completely retro and costume-ish. That means that if you found a wonderful outfit from the 70s at your favorite vintage shop, please do not wear it with beaded jewelry that is screaming 70s as well lest you be mistaken for someone on her way to a themed party. Perhaps you can tame it down with more sober beaded jewelry pieces and makeup that is more current than hippie. The point in wearing retro clothes is just to evoke enough of the feel of the era without going over the top.

Even with current styles, there are a lot to choose from. Florals are back, either in spring and summer friendly colors or even in dark and exotic jewel colors usually associated with fall. If your floral outfit has multiple colors, create a focal point by using beaded jewelry that is in the single color you want to pop out most. A chunky necklace or a wide cuff should provide such a point of focus.

You may also create the look of florals through beaded jewelry even against plain clothes. There are designs that recreate the look of flowers and even use the color combinations you want. Such a necklace would be like a lei around your neck. Or perhaps you prefer the look of flowers around your wrist in the form of a floral themed beaded bracelet. Dangling beaded earrings may likewise be made to look like hanging blossoms.

Even without the use of floral designs, beaded jewelry can still look very feminine, delicate and even ethereal, especially when fresh water pearls are incorporated along with Swarovski crystals. This is why beaded wedding bridal jewelry has become very popular. From the traditional pearl earrings and pearl necklace of fine jewelry, modern brides have moved on to more contemporary and creative beaded wedding bridal jewelry with fresh water pearls to go with more contemporary designs in wedding dresses. Jewelry stores from all over the United States have got this covered as they offer their own beaded wedding bridal jewelry or market the work of other jewelry designers. Jewelry stores such as Samantha Rose of Dallas,Texas are even offering these beaded wedding bridal jewelry online.

Beaded jewelry is right on spot for casual fashion as well and for the more edgy look of street wear or club wear. While it can be made to look delicate, it can also be made to look glam or tough or rustic. It really all depends on the materials used, and the colors too. With beaded jewelry, you can surely have fun with fashion!