Beach Wind Screen

Ah, the beach; what a wonderful slice of heaven! The scent of the warm air, the waves gently rolling in, the beautiful scenery – there’s no better place on earth! It’s nice to play in the water, lie out in the sun, play with others on the sand – or just sit quietly and read a book. Well, that’s not happening, is it? The nice breeze that others love is not the most favored part of the beach experience for a reader. You simply can’t keep your place while your pages keep flipping and turning, and in the meanwhile, your hair is blowing in your face or the sand is kicking up and stinging you. Not a fun time! You won’t have to deal with any of those issues anymore after you make yourself a quick and easy wind screen. The portable wind blocker is easily rolled out to block the wind or rolled back up to take home. It can be used by someone who just wants to read or even by a mom who wants to protect her young baby.

For this project we’re going to use a really long piece of canvas, however, you can use another choice of thick fabric and adjust the measurements to make a much longer, much shorter or even a taller version. Use a piece, for this project, which is 6 yards long by 54″ wide.

Along the two longest sides of the material, fold under a half-inch, then sew along to hem each side. Where the hem begins and ends, sew these small areas shut, and this will ensure no sand gets trapped inside the hem.

Start at one short end and fold it over three inches. Sew along the raw edge to form a pocket for a dowel rod. Do the same to the opposite end. These two end pockets will hold the dowels for the ends of the wind screen but you’ll need extra pockets between these two.

Measure and space evenly between the two end pockets to form two to three more rod pockets. With each of these, fold the canvas to make the three-inch pocket, then sew straight down to secure.

Use two-inch wooden dowels to prop up your wind screen while at the beach. Simply push one dowel into a pocket, and into the sand, stretch the fabric out, then push in the next dowel. Do this until the screen is where you want it. Make it a wall to block the wind that’s coming from one direction, or make a screen – with four dowels – and make it into a square that surrounds a baby. No matter what your particular situation you’ll never be bothered by the wind again!

See the wind screen here: