Beach-Theme “Inchies”

What you’ll need:
20×20 cm canvas or fabric-covered cardboard
At least two different colors of cardstock
3-D tape
Beach-theme miniatures like a tiny shell, piece of rope or star-shaped earrings
Paper cutouts like pictures from magazines

Have you heard about the latest crafting craze? Make “inchies” and you’ll seriously have so much fun! An inchie is just a piece of paper or cardboard, cut to the size of one inch by one inch, and decorated with a particular theme. For example, if you made button inchies, you would simply cut out the squares of cardstock and glue a button – or button arrangement – on each one. These are then grouped together on a canvas to display. Inchies are adorable and they make a nice wall hanging no matter what the theme.

If you love the beach you might be interested in making a set of beach-theme inchies. You’ll need a 20×20 cm canvas to display the finished artwork – or just cover a piece of cardboard with beach-theme fabric.

Purchase cardstock in various colors to create the overall look of the inchie board. For a sea theme you might go with blue, white and silver. However, you might prefer blue white and red. It’s up to you how you make your inchies.

Cut 25 squares, in the assorted colors of cardstock, to begin the project. Now you’ll decide what to put on each tiny card. You can make each inchie different or you can make a row of inchies which all look the same, then a row below that of inchies that look different than the first row.

Some ideas for things to glue onto the cards are tiny pictures of things with a beach theme, like a picture of sunglasses, one of a beach umbrella, and one of waves. Besides pictures you can also glue on pieces of scrapbook paper which have waves, sand and similar images. Other items include a piece of small-diameter roping, a novelty anchor, a nautical button, a shell or a tiny starfish. You can also use paper punches to create seahorses or other designs on the inchies.

When you’re satisfied with the way the tiny cards look you can then mount them to your canvas or fabric-covered cardboard. Use 3-D tape and you’ll have them mounted in no time. Cut tiny tape pieces, stick one to the back of each card, then stick them to the canvas or cardboard. The 3-D tape makes the tiny cards stick out from the canvas and creates an interesting look. Make sure you measure and mark the canvas before adding the cards so that they’ll all be spaced evenly. Make 5 rows of cards, with 5 cards in each row.

You don’t necessarily have to make 25 cards each time you do this project. And, the cards don’t absolutely have to be one inch by one inch in measurement. You can make a canvas that’s long and narrow, with 4 cards that are each 3″x3″. Or, make a canvas that’s round and features one large card with several images on it. There are no limits to the things you can do with this craft. Do other wall hangings that aren’t nautical – like pets, sports, babies or other themes. The inchies look great in nearly any room, make fabulous gifts, and, just to warn, you, they become extremely addictive!

See some inchies here: