Beach Songs to Turn Up

The summer has finally arrived, bringing with it long lazy days at the beach, great food on the grill, and dancing around with great friends to great music. It’s the season for windows rolled down with the radio blasting.

Right? If you’re having some trouble figuring out what to queue up for some great summertime music, browse these top 10 albums of summer. With everything from country to world, there’s something here sure to please. So pick your favorites and turn them up loud!

B-52s: Cosmic Thing
Perhaps the most iconic B-52s album, Cosmic Thing includes the eminently singable “Love Shack” and “Roam.” The entire album is suitable for piling into the car for a road trip, blaring out these great dance tracks.

Eve 6: Horrorscope
With “On the Roof Again” and “Amphetamines,” you too can experience life as a moody teenager in the 90s. Better yet, these fun and clever lyrics, echoed on all the songs on the album, will keep you begging for more.

Beach Boys: Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of the Beach Boys
As the defining sound of summer, you can’t leave out this classic of summer music. If you find it too hard to pick just one album, try this version of the “best of’s,” and kick up some sand with “I Get Around” and “Good Vibrations.”

Sugarland: Twice the Speed of Life
You can still play it loud and proud if country is your thing, with this eclectic country group. Check out such up-and-coming favorites as “Down in Mississippi (Up to No Good)” and “Speed of Life.” As a bonus, pick up the single “Stuck Like Glue” for some reggae in your country music.

The Bangles: Greatest Hits
A signature sound of the rocking 80s, this girl band can still rock with the best of them today. Dance on the beach to “Walk Like an Egyptian,” and celebrate the weekend with “Manic Monday.”

Aqua: Greatest Hits
If you like your 80s music more new wave than bubblegum, Aqua’s the band for you. While either Aquarius or Aquarium will set the mood for you, Aqua’s greatest hits will let you listen to both “Bumble Bees” and “Lollipop (Candyman).”

Sean Paul: The Trinity
If world music is your thing, it’s hard to find better music to dance to than the remarkably enduring “Temperature” and “We Be Burnin’.”

Gwen Stefani: The Sweet Escape
If you want more toe-tapping and foot-stomping beach dancing fun, but you’ve had your fill of the 80s, check out “Wind it Up,” and “Fluorescent.” And if you want something to go with that Aqua and The Bangles you’re taking with you, make it a girls-only day with some No Doubt, Stefani’s early band.

Grease: The Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture
Showtunes are never out of place, and Grease has some of the best of them. Grab a convertible and a white t-shirt, and blast “Summer Nights” and “Rock n’ Roll is Here to Stay,” while you head out up to no good.

Pet Shop Boys: Yes
You can go early or late with Pet Shop Boys, but some of the best up-beat music can be found on their latest album, Yes, produced in 2009. Check out “Love, Etc.” and “Did You See Me Coming?” for some great, head-bobbing sing-a-longs.

Hot days and long nights: there’s always something to love about summer. These top 10 albums of summer music will keep you dancing, singing, and partying away long after the sun goes down.

Photo: Ariel da Silva Parreira