Beach Party Invitations: How to Make Pressed Seaweed Note Cards

Having a beach party this summer and want to send out some beach themed note cards as invitations? Why not consider making your own beach party invitations out of cotton rag paper and pressed seaweed? Here’s how:

Materials Needed to Make Pressed Seaweed Note Cards

In order to make a set of homemade, pressed seaweed note cards you will need to gather together the following materials;

Fresh Seaweed, at least one piece per note card
2 large plastic buckets filled with sea water
1 shallow pan
1 ream of cotton rag note card paper, color of choice
1 roll waxed paper
1 pair scissors
1 pair tweezers
1 box wooden toothpicks
1 bottle craft glue, clear drying
Heavy books or a flower press

Step 1: Gather and Clean the Seaweed

Gather the fresh seaweed and place it into a large, plastic bucket that has been partially filled with cold, clean, seawater. Be sure to keep the seaweed you have collected out of direct sunlight as well. This is because heat and sunlight will cause the seaweed to deteriorate rapidly. Once you get the seaweed home it should be rinsed thoroughly and placed back into a bucket partially filled with cold, clean, sea water until you are ready to make your note cards. Crafters should note that even when stored at optimal temperatures, the fresh seaweed must be used within 24 hours.

Step 2: Positioning the Seaweed onto the Note Card

Pour ¼ inch of cold, clean seawater into a shallow baking dish. Fold a piece of paper in half in order to make a crease line. Proceed by unfolding the paper and then submerging it into the ¼ inch of seawater. Decide where you would like the seaweed to sit on the front of the note card. Then, place one of the pieces of seaweed onto the paper while it is still submerged into the seawater. At this point you may find a pair of tweezers or a toothpick to be helpful in positioning the seaweed onto the paper.

Step 3: Pressing and Drying the Seaweed onto the Note Card

Once the seaweed is in position, gently lift up the wet sheet of paper at an angle. Doing so will allow the residual water to drip off the paper without disturbing the seaweed. Continue by laying out a piece of waxed paper onto a flat surface, wax side up. Carefully place the wet paper on top of the waxed paper. Then, very gingerly, cover the top of the wet paper with another sheet of waxed paper with the waxed side down. Once the wet paper has been sandwiched between the waxed paper, place a heavy book or similar such object on top of the waxed paper. Allow the seaweed clad paper to sit undisturbed like that until the seaweed dries. The seaweed should naturally adhere to the cotton paper but if it has not, feel free to affix it to the card with a thin layer of clear drying craft glue. When the card dries it will be ready for use.