Beach Party Essentials: How to Make Coastal Cord Coasters

Ahoy Mates! Does your beach party need just a few more items to make it complete? Why not consider making a few coastal cord coasters out of some white and blue cord? What follows is everything you need to know to make a set of coastal cord coasters for your next beach party:

Materials Needed to Make Coastal Cord Coasters

In order to complete a set of coastal cord coasters you will need to gather together the following materials;

Rolls of 3 mm thick cord, white and blue (9 feet of cord per 4 inch wide coaster)
Sheets of lightweight cork board
1 compass or water glass
1 pencil
1 box straight pins
1 pair scissors
1 tube heavy duty craft glue, clear drying
1 tape measure
1 cigarette lighter or a match

Step 1: Making the Cork Forms for the Cord Coasters

The first step in making cord coasters is to create circular cork bases. Using a compass or an overturned water glass, draw a series of 4 inch wide circles onto the sheets of lightweight cork. Then cut the circles out from the cork and set them aside.

Step 2: Cutting the Cord for the Cord Coasters

Measure and cut approximately 9 inches of cord for every 4 inch wide cork base. You may opt to make solid color coasters or multi color coasters. If you opt to make multi color coasters you will want to divide the 9 inches of cord needed per coaster between the desired colors.

Step 3: Assembling the Cord Coasters

Singe one end of the cord. This will help to keep it from fraying. Place a dab of craft glue at the center of the cork base and press the singed end of the cord into the glue. This will be your starting point. You will want to tightly coil and glue the cord to the cork form. I recommend that you do this a section at a time. As you go along insert stick pins through the cord and into the cork to help keep the cord in place until the glue dries completely. Once you get to the end of the cork base cut off any excess cord and singe the end before gluing it down to the cork form. Allow the coasters to dry completely before removing the pins or attempting to use them.

I am a former special events planner who lives near the ocean and enjoys decorating with natural elements.

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