Beach parasol gift basket for a shower

If you are planning a wedding shower for your best friend, sister or that someone special, then the beach parasol basket is the perfect gift to give the bride-to-be. This arrangement is two gifts in one. The bride-to-be will love the charming basket arrangement that is filled with functional gifts. Get the girls together to help you design a few of these beach gift baskets. These gifts basket will also make lovely table decorations for your shower. The parasol gift basket arrangement is perfect for the bride who is having a beach, outdoor, garden or country wedding. If you are feeling adventurous, get all the girls together and take a trip to the beach to gather the seashells needed to make this craft project.

Beach Parasol Gift Basket

Mini lace parasol
2 dozen seashells
Wicker basket with handle
Long vine of leaves
Floral foam
Glue gun and glue sticks
Gift basket filler


1. Open the parasol. Glue one end of the vine to the bottom edge of the parasol. Continue to glue the vine around the edge of the parasol so that it slightly overlaps the beginning piece of vine. Cut off the excess vine.

2. Glue one end of the vine to the rim of the basket. Continue to glue the vine around the rim of the basket so that it slightly overlaps the beginning piece of vine. Cut off the excess vine.

3. Glue a piece of floral foam to the inside bottom of the basket.

4. Stick the parasol handle in the center of the foam. If the parasol isn’t sturdy, place a little glue on the bottom of the handle to help secure it to the foam.

5. Evenly spread the basket filler around the foam and parasol handle of the basket.

6. Evenly space and glue the seashells on and around the vine border that was previously glued on the rim of the parasol and basket. This is where the fun and creativity begins. The decorating possibilities are endless for this beach parasol gift basket arrangement. You can also glue flowers in the color of the wedding, starfish, sand dollars and ribbons to the top of the parasol and vine embellishment.

To make a personalized beach parasol shower arrangement, have the girls paint the seashells white. Once the seashells are dried, personalize the seashells by writing the name of the bride and groom centered on each shell.

The beach parasol gift basket I designed in the picture was filled with candles and fancy towels. These are gifts that a bride will always need, but you are the bride’s best girlfriend. You know what the bride loves. Fill the basket with the bride’s favorite things, or items you know she needs. No matter what you fill these baskets with, she will embrace the love and thoughtfulness that went into making each beach gift basket arrangement for her shower.

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