Be Your Own Doctor: What You Should Know About Daily Health Care

In today’s society, too many people have unnecessary health problems. The United States is the nation with so much readily available, and there is much that each person can do to stay healthy. With health education and a safe lifestyle, one can live much longer and with a higher quality of life. It is beneficial to know what the top 10 maladies are to Americans’ health and then how to prevent them with daily health care . These top health problems in are generally not gender linked. You can be your own doctor. Daily health care is essential. In the United States, for example, two out of three adults are now overweight, and one out of three of that statistic is obese, according to an article titled Percent of Americans who are Obese. Diet plays a huge role in our health, so healthy foods will be given after I give you the top 10 health maladies. According to Top 10 Health Problems in America, the following are listed in order, with the leading problem first. These are also the leading causes of death in most countries.

No.1 is heart disease, which kills more men and women than any other health problem. Three changes in American ways can reduce heart disease considerably. Stop smoking, and reduce fat and sodium intake.

Japan has a much lower incidence of heart disease, where all three of these habits are low.

No. 2 is the big “C,” cancer. If you have never had this dreaded disease, you probably have a friend or relative who has suffered from it. Statistically, one out of four Americans has had or has cancer. To help prevent it, simply stop smoking and eat a healthy overall diet. Use sunscreen (if you have a light complexion, you are more prone to skin cancer), and get a cancer screening annually.

No. 3 is stroke. One’s lifestyle plays a significant role in preventing stroke. Once again, stop smoking. Get regular exercise, and eat a healthy diet for you daily health care .

Respiratory disease is No. 4. Diseases include tuberculosis, bronchitis, emphysema and asthma. Many respiratory diseases can be prevented by just quitting smoking.

No.5 is accidents. Most fatal accidents in this category are from car crashes. If on a motorcycle, wear a helmet, and protective clothing, along with shoes. Drinking alchohol is related to many vehicle accidents, so never drink and drive.

Diabetes is No. 6. Blindness, kidney damage and heart disease are the result of type two diabetes. For daily health care in preventing diabetes, exercise regularly and keep the fat off with a healthy diet.

Alzheimer’s Disease is the 10th leading cause of death in men, and fifth for women. The medical profession has not found a definite link, but it is suspected that heart disease and head injuries during life could be a cause.

Influenza and pneumonia is number eight. If a person is not in good health once influenza is contracted, it could lead to pneumonia. It could become fatal. Simply wash your hands often with soap and water. Check with your doctor if the flu and pneumonia vaccine is for you.

Kidney disease is the ninth leading cause of death for all Americans. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is caused by high blood pressure or diabetes. Definitely keep your blood sugar low if you have diabetes. Once again, don’t smoke, and eat a healthy diet.

The tenth leading cause of death of American women is septicemia, or blood poisoning. It begins as a bacterial infection in the urinary tract or lungs. Any time you have an infection, see your doctor. Wash your hands often, and change tampons often.

Many of the 10 leading health problems are related to an improper diet. Be your own doctor by simply eating the right foods. For daily health care, try eating a variety of whole grains. This includes whole wheat, barley, brown rice and millet for example. Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Avoid any processed, prepackaged or salty foods. Avoid sugary foods and drinks because they are not just hard on your teeth, but will cause a quick weight gain.

To review, remember to do these simple routines to be your own doctor. Your daily health care routine should be to not smoke, practice safety, get some form of daily exercise (even 10 minutes is helpful) and eat the healthy foods (fruits, vegetables and whole grains). Your quality of life will improve, you will live longer and you will function so much better!

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