Be Careful Who You Entertain


I once was at a luncheon. A long-haired man was standing on the corner as myself and several others entered the restaurant. One lady that sat at our table made a statement, ” Did you see that long-haired guy on the corner?” “He looked just like some hippie.” Then shortly the long-haired guy came in and sat down at our table. The lady sitting next to me introduced the long-haired guy to the lady that made the “hippie statement.” She said, “I would like you to meet my husband.” The lady that had made the “hippie statement” started turning colors. I know she wanted to go hide somewhere, but there was no where to hide. What if the so called “hippie guy” eventually became her future boss?” Again, be careful of your mouth, because you never know who you are entertaining.

My Personal Story

I once was in the store to purchase office supplies. It was the day of payday at my place of business. There was a long line. I presented by debit card. The lady politely looked at me and said, “This card has been declined because of insufficient funds.” I responded calmly, “There must be a mistake, I work at this bank and today is payday.” She said, “Okay, I will try it again.” Now everyone was looking at me like, “Yeah, right. ” “You work at the bank and “insufficient funds.” So then the cashier responds, ” I am sorry, it is still declined.” So I politely stated, “May I use your phone?” “I need to call someone.” So she allowed me to call. I was on vacation at the time. The lady I talked to informed me, “There had been a problem with all the accounts not posting properly.” “Everyone was showing negative balances.” She said, “Since you are in the store now, What amount do you need approved? ” I will approve it now and the problem should be fixed shortly.” So she approved the amount and spoke back to the store clerk,.” Now, I was so glad that I did not get irate or act unbecoming. I was responsible for me. Also, again be careful who you entertained. As I talked with a lady in line next to me, she explained that her son was a corporate executive at my bank. She also, explained things like that happened.


Often when we are in the store standing in line, we might find ourselves in a conversation as I talked about earlier. Be careful of what you say. I once observed a store clerk. The customer told her that the change was not right. It turned out she gave him too much money, but then she turned around and told him that was okay to keep it. As I and another customer observed this behavior, I also noticed she commented and said, “I just wanted to get rid of him,” referring to the customer. Now what if all cashiers overpaid their customers and displayed the attitude that they just wanted to get rid of the customer? Also, the cashier had no idea who I was. Myself and the other customer observing could have been mystery shoppers for that company, could have been related to the President of the company, or could have even been on the Just board of that company. What kind of example or impression would that have given? Bank tellers have known to be fired for being over or under with their cash totals. Just think about it.

Talking About Your Boss

Be careful not to bite the hand that feeds you. While in a store an employee approached me and started talking horribly about his boss. He made statements such as, “My boss stays in the backroom and never does anything,” “I do all the work,” “He never helps out,” I can’t stand him.” I tried to get him back to a positive note, but he just continued. I thought to myself, “He does not know who I am.” The boss that he talked so badly about might have been my relative or I could have been a corporate employee of the store chain. He just assumed that I was just a regular customer and he decided to vent to me. Again, be careful who you might entertain. He could have vented to the wrong person and eventually got fired. You never know.

Talking About Others

Some places you might not realize, but there may be many family members there, such as at churches, places of businesses, or other places. Be careful who you might talk about. I once sat next to a lady that talked about a young teenager. She went on to say he should dress better than he did. Well we all know teenagers tend to experiment with their dressing. If we think back when we were teenagers, we probably experimented with our way of dressing. Anyway, as she talked so baldly, I sat their quietly with another lady listening. I was expecting the other lady to say something, but she did not. So I later told the lady in private that had talked so badly about the teenager, that the lady sitting on the other side of me was the cousin of the young man. I knew that lady had to have felt very bad after I told her that. Again, be careful who you entertain.

Have you ever been in any of these type of situations? How did you handle it?