Bay Area Houston – Clear Lake Region Organic Groceries

Bay Area Houston – Clear Lake Region Organic Groceries

Having recently moved to the Bay Area Houston – Clear Lake Region with my husband and our young son, I was surprised by the relative lack of organic groceries available to local residents. We relocated from Colorado, where we had become accustomed to buying organic groceries at readily-available, large-scale stores such as Whole Foods. Since moving and searching for new places to buy our groceries, however, we came to realize that the organic food “wave” is just now arriving in the greater Houston area. New stores are steadily popping up throughout the metropolitan area. After searching and trying several options, I have found that the following options are the best, and nearest, organic groceries options for Bay Area Houston – Clear Lake Region residents.

Erma’s Nutrition Center
18045 Upper Bay Road, Nassau Bay, TX 77058
(281) 333-4746

Erma’s Nutrition Center is located in charming Nassau Bay, TX, just across the street from NASA-Johnson Space Center. It offers a quaint and cozy shopping atmosphere, as well as friendly and helpful employees. Their entire selection is organic and includes fresh produce, bread, dry/refrigerated/frozen grocery items, personal care items and an extensive selection of vitamins and supplements. While smaller and more limited in selection than a large-scale store such as Whole Foods, Erma’s Nutrition Center offers Clear Lake Region residents a nearby location where they can buy most, if not all, of the organic groceries they seek.

Supermarkets – Kroger
For those shoppers who are unable to fulfill all of their grocery needs at a smaller store like Erma’s Nutrition Center and would prefer not to make multiple stops at various stores each week, they can still take advantage of the growing selection of organic groceries in traditional supermarkets. While each of the three major supermarket chains (Kroger, Randall’s, and HEB) carries organic food and products, I have found that Kroger consistently offers the broadest selection and the most user-friendly organic shopping experience. Most Kroger stores have at least one, if not several, aisles dedicated solely to organic groceries, making it easy to find what you’re seeking. Furthermore, supermarkets can sometimes offer lower prices on organic groceries than smaller or specialty stores.

Farmers’ Markets – Kemah , Clear Lake Shores
Another option for organic grocery shoppers are local farmers’ markets. Clear Lake Shores, TX and Kemah, TX both offer vibrant, weekly farmers’ markets on Saturdays. They are just minutes apart, making it easy to visit both markets on the same day. In addition to fresh, organic produce, shoppers will also find baked goods, dips and salsas, coffee, meats, baby food and even organic dog treats. Not only do these farmers’ markets offer organic groceries, they can also provide a fun family outing and a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

Whole Foods

Nearest store locations: Kirby , Montrose (opening soon), Bellaire , Woodway , Sugarland , Wilcrest

If you are committed to buying only organic products and/or you require a large selection of different organic products to choose from, then you may have to travel to the nearest Whole Foods store. Unfortunately, the three nearest locations for Bay Area Houston – Clear Lake Region residents (Kirby, Montrose and Bellaire) are approximately 23 miles northwest. Shoppers considering this option should ponder the travel time, potential traffic congestion and fuel expense. Additionally, because Whole Foods stores are relatively hard to come by in the Houston area and are very popular, you should plan on a crowded shopping experience, especially on the weekends. That being said, Whole Foods store are fun to shop in and will offer anything and everything the organic shopper requires.