Bausch and Lomb Softlens

Multi-focal contact lenses enable the wearer to see three distances in one contact lens. Bausch & Lomb manufactures several types of multi-focal lenses with this review focusing on the Softlens.

Softlens mulit-focal contact lenses provide help for far distance vision which provides the wearer the advantage of not wearing eyeglasses for normal activities. Most people start wearing some sort of eye vision magnification whether eyeglasses or contact lenses beginning about age 40. Even though wearing contact lenses allows the wearer freedom from eyeglasses, a lot of people still need a near-vision prescription.

The Benefits of Bausch & Lomb Softlens Contact Lenses

Many people wear contact lenses and then have an extra pair of eyeglasses hanging around their necks for close-up vision. That is very unhandy. The Bausch & Lomb Multi-focal Softlens contact lenses have three fields of vision in one contact lens: Center – for up close reading; In Between for the intermediate zone of the lens and Graduated Power for the outer zone distance. Once a person receives the correct prescription from the optometrist, all of these three vision areas are available in one eyewear product.

Getting the Correct Prescription

As in my case, I tried brands other than Bausch & Lomb in a multi-focal lens and couldn’t see at all. Even the optometrist mentioned upfront that not everyone can wear a multi-focal lens. I stuck with it until I found Bausch & Lomb Softlens which actually suited my eyes. Since my corrected vision was 20/20 and the only reason I needed eyewear was due to eye muscle strength aging, I was an excellent candidate for these Softlens multi-focal lenses. Be determined that you will find the correct prescription if you are a candidate for multi-focal lenses and do not become discouraged.

Adjustment Period

The brain needs time to adjust to the multi-focal lenses. After wearing the Softlens multi-focal lenses for a while, I wore readers for close-up work. Then I noticed that the readers weren’t helping like they had before and I was a little confused as to what was happening. After about six months, my eyes and brain adjusted to the Softlens multi-focal lenses and I did not need the readers for close-up vision. The only time I use readers is for very close-up work like cross stitch or sewing. Otherwise, I can read or use the computer without any aid other than the Bausch & Lomb Softlens multi-focal contact lenses.


The Bausch & Lomb Softlens Multi-focal contact lenses are designed for weekly wear. Wearers need to determine if they can extend the life to 2 weeks and beyond based on their hygiene habits. Six lenses (1 box) will cost about $45.00 per eye which means that you will be spending about $90 every 12 weeks. A wearer will need to weigh the expense against the freedom provided by the Bausch & Lomb Softlens Multi-focal lenses. Other multi-focal lenses are less expensive if the wearer is able to wear other brands. I tried the less expensive brands but couldn’t see so they were not an option.

There are even multi-focal lenses for astigmatism which allows more people greater freedom when choosing eyewear. I highly recommend these Softlens multi-focal lenses from Bausch & Lomb and encourage everyone to inquire about them at their next checkup. Give them a try!