Battle of the Smithsonian

Oh my! What a funny movie. I think this may have even been funnier than the first movie. Probably at least every five minutes I found myself laughing out loud to the antics by all the wonderful characters on the screen.

Since we last left him, Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) has become a well known inventor and has quit his job as night guard at the museum. However, he finds himself visiting his old friends and misses them despite his fame and fortune. He hasn’t visited in a few months when he does and finds that all his favorite characters are being shipped to a storage beneath the Smithsonian museum. Things should be ok, but that one sneaky monkey steals the magical tablet and brings the Smithsonian to life.

Pharoah Kamunrah (Hank Azaria) wants the tablet for his own. He is jealous it was given to his little brother and enlists the help of several notorious figures in history to help him get it from Larry who has come to help his friends. He must find a way to save the other museum fixtures and rescue the golden tablet before it is too late. Along to help him is pretty Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams) who wants one last adventure.

I think the choice of characters for this movie was done well. I’m really not a big fan of Amy Adams, but since her character is so outrageous in this film anyway, it didn’t really make a difference to me. Ben Stiller was as funny as ever and I especially enjoyed Hank Azaria’s role as the Pharaoh as well. The rest of the cast returned as the same characters and it was nice to see that they were able to keep that consistency. Amy Adams as Amelia manages to make quite a pest of herself and yet still help Larry at the same time as they run around searching for answers. She also develops a romantic interest in him which was pretty funny to see as he is real and she is well, not.

While there wasn’t a very exciting plot to this movie (lets face it, it takes place in one night and involves museum characters coming to life) it was a very adorable and funny movie. I think for movies like this plot can take a back seat to the acting and just the general goofiness and fun the movie creates. It provides a great outlet for not being very serious. My one complaint was that the movie seemed awfully fast paced. There was not a lot of time to slow down and get a sense of everything that was happening.

The humor in this movie varied. There was a lot of slap stick (the monkeys and their penchant for slapping), some parody (boy group singing stone angels anyone?), and just numerous instances where history was used to make fun of something or provide a base for a joke as they were now thrust into the regular modern world. As noted before I was laughing out loud at least every five minutes and laughing internally throughout most of the movie. I’m happy to say there were no groan moments either like when someone makes a really bad pun.

I can’t say much about the music in the movie. I didn’t really pay attention and it wasn’t anything special to make me take notice. The special effects on the other hand were outstanding. I especially love how Larry and Amelia interacted with the paintings and some of the notable artwork coming to life. It was definitely very well done and realistic for the most part.

Overall I’d say this is a great movie for kids or even for a nice Saturday night movie. I’ll definitely watch it again.