“Battle Of Los Angeles” DVD Movie Review

“Battle of Los Angeles”
Directed by: Mark Atkins
Starring: Kel Mitchell, Nia Peeples, and Theresa Jun-Tao
Studio: The Asylum Home Entertainment
Unrated but contains scenes of Sci-Fi Violence and Some Language

I did a review of “Battle of Los Angeles” when it aired on the SyFy Channel a few weeks ago. This is the Asylum film that all other of their mockbusters should be rated by. It has all the cheesy dialogue lines, bad special effects, half-hearted CGI, and uneven pacing we’ve come to expect from our favorite producers of cheap sci-fi and giant monster thrills.

“Battle of Los Angeles” begins after “U.S. forces engage an unidentified flying object above Los Angeles in February 1942. Now almost 70 years later, the alien invaders have returned. And they don’t come in peace!

My favorite parts of the DVD packaging for The Asylum Entertainment’s releases are the promotional taglines. “Battle of Los Angeles” features a couple great ones. The first one is on the front cover directly under the film title and reads “They Don’t Come In Peace.” The second one is at the top of the back cover and reads “An Epic Sci-Fi Action Adventure In The Tradition Of ‘Independence Day’ And ‘War of the Worlds!'” I can barely type right now from the heavy belly-laughing I’m doing.

The DVD version of “Battle of Los Angeles” has a warning stating that it “contains scenes of Sci-Fi Violence and Some Language”. There’s no actual rating presented on the packaging. The only thing you’re getting here different than what was aired on SyFy is some uncensored cures words.

“Battle of Los Angeles” does have a couple of “Explosive” special features as they put it. We get “The Making of ‘Battle of Los Angeles'” which shows us some behind-the-scenes shots of wire-work and interviews with the cast, crew, and director. You definitely get a sense that everyone knows they’re making a goofy movie and just want to have fun. This especially shines through during the Gag Reel, which actually has some funny moments. The Asylum has also provided us with several trailers of their releases varying in genre from family movie to “American Pie” rip-offs, a “Fast and the Furious” plagiarizing, and the usual sci-fi and horror flicks. The Asylum doesn’t miss exploiting any genre for a buck.

You get what you should expect from a movie called “Battle of Los Angeles.” Come on-they premiered the movie the very same weekend “Battle: Los Angeles” came out in theaters. That should tell you everything you need to know. Also, anyone who accidentally rents this from Redbox mistaking it for the real thing will get what they deserve.You can buy “Battle of Los Angeles” right here.