‘Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn’ Graphic Novel Review

“Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn”
On Sale March 30, 2011
DC Comics; 168pg.; Color; Softcover; $14.99 US

DC Comics was kind enough to send me the trade paperback version of “Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn.” This series introduces us to the new Dynamic Duo of Gotham City. Bruce Wayne/Batman has disappeared and is presumed dead. Who will step up to protect the citizens of Gotham City?

With “Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn,” we enter writer Grand Morrison’s vision of the most dangerous metropolitan area under the protection of Dick Grayson as Batman and Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian, in the red, yellow, and green tights of Robin the Boy Wonder. This collects the first six issues of the series. It also features concept art, original cover sketches, and detailed character profiles that talk about where the ideas for them originated. There are also variant covers for all the different issues included.

“Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn” centers on “the new caped crusaders hitting the streets with a bang in their new flying Batmobile to face an assemblage of villains called the Circus of Strange and investigate the abduction of a child by the mysterious Domino Killer. But can Batman and Robin find a way to work together?”

I’ve got to say that when I picked up the first issue of “Batman and Robin” for Free Comic Book Day a couple years back I was very skeptical. That feeling faded fast and as I have gotten deeper into the series, it continues to keep me coming back. Morrison keeps things interesting by throwing in a classic occult/gothic vibe to the already sleazy atmosphere of the crime-infested streets of the city.

The first three issues included in “Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn” were drawn by Frank Quitely. Philip Tan took over from him before the duties were handed over to Frazer Irving. Each of these artists have their own distinct styles. It makes for a unique visual experience. Irving’s work is probably the most unique of the three.

“Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn” showcases a great start to a series that has gone on to provide a lot of enjoyment for fans of Batman and his extended family. If it stays in line with what it’s already delivered storywise, the “Batman and Robin” title should be able to continue on successfully for many years to come. If you haven’t given the series a look, then this trade paperback is the perfect and affordable way to give it a try.

You can buy “Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn” right here.