Bathroom Renovation Project Ideas

Renovating the bathroom can afford the opportunity to update outdated fixtures, expand room to make bathroom duties more comfortable or provide the chance to redesign the room’s aesthetics in your own image. The plans that you come up with for a bathroom renovation should be at least partially based upon a fair assessment of how long you expect to remain in that house. If you have reason to believe you will be moving within a ten or so years, you can afford to cut back on some of the more luxurious options available during renovation.

One very functional idea for a bathroom renovation project is the addition of a second medicine cabinet and sink. A larger family that is forced to share a single bathroom can benefit substantially from added features that make the use of the bathroom more efficient.

Renovating a second bathroom to coincide with the arrival of a new member of the family means looking at things from a child’s perspective. The removal of a shower stall that children won’t use for some time means you can increase the size of the tub or add more storage space. A renovation of a child’s bathroom can also mean introducing more whimsical touches like a bathtub shaped like a ship. Another renovation possibility is the removal of ceramic tiles from the walls in order to create a smoother finish so that you can paint over the walls in designs and colors to coincide with aging kids.

A guest bathroom that you plan to renovate with an aim toward making it more welcoming and friendly may begin with the installation of a larger mirror since guest bathrooms often suffer from an overly small mirror set into a medicine cabinet. Another idea for renovating a guest bathroom to create a more comfortable situation is to remove an old-fashioned toilet and replace it with a sleeker contemporary design such as a wall amounted model.

One of the primary considerations that should always be taken into account when renovating a bathroom is creating more storage space. Bathrooms, like kitchens, are notorious for having less storage areas than you actually need. Ways to address this situation during a renovation includes replacing an oversized sink counter with a smaller pedestal model that frees up space for more efficiently organized storage. A very simple renovation idea is to remove towel racks from walls that essentially leave you with wasted space and then introduce shelving or a recessed storage cabinet that takes full advantage of the wall area.

The aesthetics of the bathroom is another target that can be struck with a plan for renovation. The opportunity to demolish what already exists means the chance to update the room with better quality items such as terrazzo tile floors, marble countertops and a glass block wall instead of a wooden half wall separating the toilet area from the bathing area.