Bath Salts: The Youth of America’s Latest Drug

Bath Salts are the latest synthetic chemical that kids are now using to get high. These “bath salts” suddenly popped up in smoke shops, convenience stores, and other small mom and pop shops. As it stands this dangerous drug is being called “bath salts” and is being marketed as such.

It has now become the newest crazy thing that kids are doing, and has reportedly already caused a death according to A man by the name of James Baldwin has recently opened up about the death of his son supposedly due to the excessive use of these bath salts. His son who was 31 years of age, was allegedly addicted to them, and whose use of them ended his life. is the website of a radio station and whose covering of the story has reached the desk of state representative Garnet Coleman.

Texas, Ohio and nine other states are mobilizing currently in a grand effort to make these dangerous drugs obsolete from our shelves. Bath salts are packaged in small bags about the size of tea bags and in small tubes and go for about eighty dollars a pop. The bath salts that are used to enhance warm baths, are different from these. They differ down to the composition, and are chemically altered to induce hallucinations, “highs”, and extreme paranoia. People who are using these substances are snorting, ingest, smoking, and even injecting themselves with it. The symptoms are much like other common drugs that have already established household names.

Currently lawmakers are pushing to be able to present hard consequences for anyone found possessing these drugs. In 2010, slightly more than 300 cases of poisoning by this drug was found in statistics by the American Association of Poison Control Centers. This year in 2011, they have reported more than twenty-three hundred cases. This shows a growing trend that looks to rise even further this year, unless the product is stripped from the store shelves soon. Getting these things off all shelves naturally will take some time. As more and more people use this drug, the awareness of it will increase naturally.

People have actually been admitted to the emergency room after using this substance. In Michigan, a study conducted by The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention found that 35 people who were admitted shortly after using the drug allegedly had a past that included severe mental disorders. In an effort to combat the effects of those who arrive at hospitals patients are given relaxants, sedatives, and are hydrated throughly to help the body flush out any lingering chemicals.

These bath salts contain a powerful derivative of the common amphetamine Cathinone, called Mephedrone. The effects of mephedrone are said to be familiar with the effects of cocaine. These derivatives and five others, currently have bills lined up against them to be banned for good.

Bath salts may soon be illegal in Texas,