Basketball’s President is LeBron James

Sadly, I must report the immediacy of the situation that the Chicago Bulls find themselves in. First the heir apparent -according to AJ Adante – a changing of the guard, as not only MVP but — the BEST player in the game today, Derrick Rose; is finding life very difficult in the fast lane. I find Adante thoughts interesting as only a few months ago it was Kevin Durant — or was it, Amare Stoudamire…Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant? Well, you get the picture.

The point being is that these so-called experts are not held accountable for what they say. No, really. So that their own predictions fall on deaf ears — unless their right! Right now all these people that fervently agreed with said MVP proclamation are all crowding under the bus because there is no room on the bandwagon. The Miami Heat? No. It’s about the LeBron James playoff orchestration. This bandwagon. LeBron has so-choreographed the playoff series to the point that it invites the ire that was motivated to supplant him in the first place. These people actually hate on Lebron. Just like alot of these fans that boo, cajole, and worst about Lebron, the media stir motionless in the knowledge that perhaps — just perhaps –this guy is going to expose the group to extra scrutiny. Listen, not only is LeBron the real MVP, he has fine-tuned his game to include a Magic Johnson quality to share the spotlight while shining brighter than ever with his other skills. Certainly, President Obama and his beloved Chicago bulls understand that, as well. This single-handedly explains the problems that the Chicago Bulls coach faces in part, the Lebron James factor.

How can any person say exactly what LeBron will do in a given game? They can’t. He is just as capable of giving the Bulls 50. And… the nay-sayers can’t say that he won’t. Finally, his defensive prowess – where he’s every where at the same time – is only trumped by one entity: the Boogieman! Lebron James makes 1st team all-defense, 13th on the assist list – #1 for big men. He was 2nd in scoring, led the lead in triple doubles, had the only 50 pt. game this year, shot 51% from the field – his best year, number 1 in efficiency under the most adversed conditions in the history of the league!

Finally, this guy needs to run for President because had Lebron chosen Chicago with the way he has played this year and in the playoffs – see Boston – it is easy to see him knocking on the door of the White House on his visit after the championship. Finally when he leaves a place – yes, Cleveland – he leaves a last-team impression!