Basketball Cupcakes for Kids

What’ll you’ll need:
White miniature cupcakes
White cupcake wrappers
Sugar cookies
White frosting
Orange gel pen
Tiny plastic basketball or basketball candy

Okay, you’re setting out to learn to bake fabulous cupcakes that look like works of art. Prepare to do lots and lots of baking and having your family and friends sampling. Of course, things might not go that well right off the bat. You’ll have to make many mistakes before you can finally show off cupcakes that impress. Or, you can forget all that and go for cupcakes that look unique but take little effort. That’s a much better idea when it comes to celebrating with kids who have won – or lost – a basketball game recently. You can make basketball cupcakes that look fabulous but take very little effort.

Mix up a white cake mix from a box or favorite recipe. Bake miniature cupcakes to make basketball hoop designs that will thrill the kids. It’s important that you choose the miniature cupcake wrappers carefully. It’s hard to pull off a basketball hoop theme if there are images of little puppies on the wrappers. Plain white wrappers work best.

After baking the cupcakes allow them to cool. If needed, slice off the tops of the miniature cupcakes so that they’re even with the tops of the wrappers. Smooth white frosting across the tops of the cakes. Use an orange gel pen to pipe frosting onto the top of each cupcake, all the way around the circumference. Set the cupcakes aside for the moment.

Use sugar cookies to make the backboards for the cupcakes. Take a large cookie (the cupcake should be about a third the height of the cookie) and frost half of it. Use the orange gel pen to outline the halfway mark as well as around the rest of the frosted side of the cookie. Draw a square of orange on the cookie with the gel. The bottom of the square should run along the halfway mark of the half-frosted cookie. The square should be much smaller than the cookie and should be in the middle of the cookie.

Spread a bit of frosting on the unfrosted side of the cookie then press this area against the cupcake. The frosting acts as glue to hold the cookie backboard to the cupcake.

Purchase small basketballs that are really chocolates at stores that sell novelty chocolates. Or, purchase a small bag of plastic basketballs at a dollar-theme store. Set one on the cupcake so that it rests against the backboard.

The kids will go crazy when they see the extraordinary cupcakes you made just for them. Even if they didn’t win the ball game they’re still all winners when they try the scrumptious cakes!